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Thread: Syphillis on the rise caused by unsafe sex practices....

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    Syphillis on the rise caused by unsafe sex practices....

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    Thanks for the info.

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    and prostate cancer?

    and prostate cancer?

    A friend of mine suspects that may contribute to prostate cancer, because very little is known about that type of cancer and there is the possibility that it may be caused by an infection.
    Has anybody ever heard of something like this or has similar suspicions?
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    I had an appointment with my urologist as I had a cancer scare about a year ago, I had read this and decided to ask an authority about the possible effects of a . He assured me that the connection between prostate cancer and `s or any other type of sexual contact are purely myth. He went on to point out a number of other dangers with this practice between strangers but none of them included any type of cancer. I hope this helps
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    Warning issued about about a resurgence of syphilis worldwide, including in Canada

    In a recent news article the Public Health Agency of Canada warns about a resurgence of syphilis worldwide, including in Canada - ‘We really are in an epidemic of syphilis,’ Ontario expert says

    The info in the article shows that this is particularly relevant to hobbyists for the following reasons:
    • Syphilis is much more prevelant among those who are middle age than the young
    • The vast majority of those who are infected are (middle-aged) men
    • High-risk groups include sex-trade workers and people with multiple sexual partners, as is the case for most STIs.

    Here are relevant extracts from the article:
    Cases of syphilis across the country have risen dramatically over the past two decades, spiking to more than 1,750 in 2010, up from 177 in 1993, the most recent statistics show. Other sexually transmitted diseases, notably chlamydia and gonorrhea, are also on the rise

    “For the other two (chlamydia and gonorrhea) it seems to be younger individuals (who are mostly infected). In this case (syphilis), it tends to be older ones. For example, people age 30 and older accounted for 73 per cent of all the reported cases in 2010,” he said Thursday from Ottawa.

    “The other interesting thing is the vast majority of cases are among men compared to women. In 2010, men accounted for 90.5 per cent of all the reported cases.”

    Many of those were men who have sex with men, although high-risk groups also include sex-trade workers, injection-drug users and people with multiple sexual partners.

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