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Thread: Enhanced/Augmented Breasts vs. Real Breasts

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    Enhanced/Augmented Breasts vs. Real Breasts

    Just wanted to get the general consensus on augmented/enhanced breasts vs. real breasts, which one's do you prefer and why?

    I'm really beginning to dislike enhanced breasts. I like to find girls with nice B, C or D cups. There's nothing like doing Russian on a girl with natural D cups...being the pervert that I am. How I miss natural titties!
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    Real natural breast are great as long as they are not saggy.

    I do not mind augmented breast as long as the girl pays to get a good job done.

    I would settle for small and natural over big and fake any day.
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    I really hate fake breasts. I can understand from the point of view of a woman (or man ) who has no breasts and wants to have some. But as a customer, there's no reason for me to choose an escort with fake breasts when there are so many natural ones around. I like to feel the weight of real breasts. Even when they're a bit saggy I still like it.
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    I don't like sag. I am fine with real or fake, they are different but equal when they are both good.

    Often on these threads everyone speaks out vs the fakes, but if the dislike was really that strong I would assume that over time strippers and porno chicks would notice that they are business killers and word would spread with the reduction in fakes following. I don't recall seeing such a trend.

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    This one's a no brainer for me. Natural all the way, large or small. I think enhanced boobs only look good when a woman is wearing clothes.

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    natural all the way. i prefer small breasts anyway.

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    There is something to be said for both. Enhanced/Augmented breast are sexy if they are done well. On the other hand natural saggy breast on a unappealing woman would not do as well.

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    Huge naturals ones, all the way! They are the best

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    I like reading threads like this to remind myself why I don't need fake ones

    Thank you!

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    I've tried both and must say that sticking mr winnie between fake ones is just no fun.
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    Me also huge naturals ones,the nature is always fine.

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    Natural ones are the best ... when not too sagy. But when the fake ones are not hard as a football, it can be nice. Since I'm a nibbler, a lot goes in the nipples. That's the good stuff!

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    Quote Originally Posted by montreal_monk01 View Post
    Huge naturals ones, all the way! They are the best
    Exactly my tought

    I left from two girlfriends who had Enhanced/Augmented breasts
    The bad thing about it is they didn't told me they weren't real until I started to sleep with her
    It turned me off big time... No way I will pay for fake ones


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    Gotta have them natural even if small at least a handful and nice and firm alot of these girls are destroying them fir example natalia(angelescorts) is about to go under the knife in a few months

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    Natural all the way.

    For the exta saggies a nip/tuck is fine, just no implants.

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