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Thread: Indy vs Agencies or Offence vs Defense

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    Indy vs Agencies or Offence vs Defense

    Hi just want to bounce a though I have about Indy vs Agencies girls. I feel that with indy, I can lay back and be "taken in charge" and I received more. So the girl is more on the offence side. With agencies girls, they are more on the defense side and I have to work more and they are more receiving than giving. Would it be because...

    Indys want to make sure your come back to her?
    they are usualy more expensive so better service?

    In agencies, girls are more new in the business in general?

    This only from my experiences in general. Nothing against agencies. I use them regularly. Just some observations.
    Curious of yours.

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    Hello Lesolide,

    I`m not sure there`s any debate about the average quality of experiences between Independents and an agency lady, but a review once in a while helps.

    Nearly all of the Independents I have met were very well established for the quality of a meeting with them regarding beauty, presentation, and the desired services before they became Independents. As Independents, almost every lady I have met has lived up to the very high quality of encounter I had imagined. They often do not, if ever, see multiple clients each day, and nearly all of the ones I have met were generous with their time. One experience was very time restricted and lacking in intimacy, but that was the lone exception. Every other time their special gift has been the intensity of intimacy and sensuality with the freedom to relax and enjoy that makes them a true companion.

    The one inherent problem with Independents versus agency ladies is the need for setting up the encounters in advance. They are also more choosy, but if that is only a matter of having enough class to communicate with these ladies like gentlemen.

    Easier and more frequent access is the biggest advantage with agencies and there is a lot of high quality to be found among the agency ladies if you are careful about searching through reviews, and knowing who to get good advice from whether it`s another hobbyist or an agency representative. No doubt some of them will be future Indys. But if one isn`t careful the quality of the encounter could be anywhere from okay to poor. The main reasons are that the agencies need volume appointments and the ladies work far more by day and week. Sure, the good agencies do what they can to try to hire ladies who can provide quality time after time, but the nature of the job makes that very difficult.

    Regarding Incalls, I`ve never been comfortable with this option. The main problem is the trouble of dealing with unknown traffic conditions while finding a place I have not been to, and doing it all on the agencies usually tight schedule, and their typical access security precautions. I`ve also found it harder to be at ease in rooms I`m unfamiliar with, usually of cheap quality and kept much too dark for whatever reasons. The whole scenario is just hard to relax in.

    Good luck,


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    I've almost exclusively done incalls either at a "low-budget" agency or with "mid-budget" independants. It's hard to compare the two, but I think on average independants will take their job more seriously and take good care of themselves. I guess there are a lot of crappy independants on 123 and such but I never use those.

    At the agency I had very diverse ladies with all kind of attitutes ranging from the one that watches TV during the the act to some of the best GFE. Some of the good ones went on to become independants.
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    There are excellent indies and agencies, in SPs an massage. I find indies to be more consistent.

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    I would guess that indies have lower overheads, and that they don't give back to the parlour / operator Its in their own interest to build up a steady clientele. Girls at Parlours have to pay their share of "overheads" which means they probably have a less vested interest. Also they have to abide by "house rules" Indies have lesser restrictions. My view any way. I have had good service from both Indies and parlour Girls lets say the parlour girls were not quite as enthusiastic.

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    What the Indy SP saves in not paying an agency they gain in headaches in dealing with customer inquiries and complaints. Some girls are just happy to show up at your door and leave when your time is up with no extra headaches of arranging their schedule and having phone inquires etc...
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