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Thread: Super health freak or something else?

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    Question Super health freak or something else?

    Hey guys,

    I saw an SP not long ago. I had a little issue about her. She was a small and cute girl with a very thin spinner body and an ass so small, firm and tight.

    Enough with the details - basically no kiss, no daty, digits yes but not with my saliva (???). Also she had quite the bush between her legs. When I enquirer about that (politely), she replied that she used to have shaved but that it protects better with the hair(???)... I wasn't BBFSing her nor would I ever do that with an SP.

    So what's the deal? Should I be worried, could she have been hiding something or was she a super freak on health issues?


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    Not removing pubic hair may offer some extra protection from STDs. There is no evidence to suggest that though. I am not aware of any studies about this either. The logic is that shaving pubic hair gives you microscopic cuts if not done right. Bacteria are more likely to enter your body if you have such cuts in your genital area. There is also the hope that pubic hair reduces skin-skin contact. Other than that, some people believe nature intended us to have pubic hair for a reason and we should not get rid of them.

    There is a chance that she was actually infected and trying to hide something. But given your contact with her, it`s really less likely to contract something. But it`s still a good idea to get tested for STDs. All people who visit escorts should get themselves tested regularly anyway.

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