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Thread: US lottery at a record half a billion dollars

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    US lottery at a record half a billion dollars

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    i never, ever buy lottery tickets, but i went in for $20 on this one.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bumfie View Post
    i never, ever buy lottery tickets, but i went in for $20 on this one.
    Well, probability is something like one over more than 170 million if you buy the ticket and zero if you don’t. So you are infinitely more luckily to win if you buy... good luck... For my good wish I expect gift for a free 2 hours SP appointment at my choosing if you win

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    2, 4, 23, 38, 46 & (23) is the MegaBall

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    I won!!!!!!!!!!! A whopping two damn dollars! Bwhahahahaahahaha..........Considering I had someone get me 5 tickets, I actually lost $3! .....what a scam

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    Shit. I have to go to work tomorrow. Damn it.
    Iggy, you can buy the beer, since you are so wealthy.
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    I know an accountant that use to do the books for a client that had a business. The client won a few million dollars. The guy starts to get phone calls from relatives, friends, people he hardly know, people that he did not know asking for money. He got request by mail, he got people ringing his door bell. The guy had to sell his business and home and move to Florida.

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    That's why when people do win the lottery they should be low key and not advertise it to everyone.

    People will always want to be your friend when your up but where were these people when you were down.
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    With so many tickets sold, there were 3 winners in the Powerball for $500 million, why is it that there are sometime 3 winners in Canada for the Lotomax with less tickets sold.

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    The jackpot actually grew to 640 million because of so many buyers

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