Kingston Sentence - 30 days for surreptitiously videotaping sex with a prostitute
Kingston's The Whig-Standard reports, 29 Mar 2012:
Sex tape leads to prison

A man who claimed not to know you couldn’t videotape someone during sex without their knowledge has been sent back to prison.

Daniel R. Coyle, 31, was convicted of voyeurism by surreptitiously videotaping a prostitute while they were having sex. He had 30 days added to what remains of the two-year, 10-month sentence he originally received for assaults and breaches.

Kingston’s Ontario Court of Justice heard that Coyle had been released from Kingston Penitentiary and was living at the Portsmouth Community Correctional Centre in November when the offending video was found on his laptop.

Assistant Crown attorney Franklin Lyons told Justice Rommel Masse that Coyle’s parole officer was searching Coyle’s room when he opened the laptop and found what appeared to be a homemade porn video.

The woman in the video was eventually identified through her tattoos, Lyons told the judge. Contacted by police, she confirmed that she was unaware she was being videotaped when she had sex with Coyle in the fall of 2010.

Police then interviewed Coyle and Lyons said he admitted making the recording without telling the woman, but claimed he didn’t know it was an offence to do so.

Coyle told the judge he’d been accepted into a business management program at St. Lawrence College when his release was suspended and he was returned to Kingston Penitentiary.