receiving you downtown today...

Maya, 5'4" 115lbs 36DD, brown hair, 22 yrs old, open-minded
Angel (jamaican), 5'7" 135lbs 36C, black hair, 22 yrs old, open-minded
Patricia, 5'6" 120lbs 36B, brown hair, 26 yrs old, open-minded
Annie, 5'6" 125lbs 36C, dirty blond hair, 35 yrs old, mature

***for tonight...***

Kim (new) black girl, 5'10" 125lbs, 36C, black hair, 18 yrs old
Karine, 5'3" 105lbs 34B, auburn hair, 22 yrs old
Vanessa, 5'9" 120lbs, 36C, brown hair, 26 yrs old,open-minded

*** schedules subject to change***

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