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Thread: ♦ Ms. Emily Marie ♦ Visiting from the West Coast this Summer ♦ Videos & New Photos ♦

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    ♦ Ms. Emily Marie ♦ Visiting from the West Coast this Summer ♦ Videos & New Photos ♦

    ~~ ~~

    Petite and curvaceous, I have a dainty figure with exciting treasures you will love discovering.

    I am a fun, petite, girl next door. Full of passion, lust and compassion. Friendly and open-minded, I like meeting new people and getting to know what you like.

    I am a stunning natural beauty with a firm figure, gentle curves and milky smooth skin just begging to be touched. Petite in height, but not in spirit, I am always lively, sensual and ready to have fun.

    I invite you to join me in my luxurious and romantically set hotel room to indulge in an unforgettable time of lust together. I always bring my gold medal performance, and my unbelievable stamina and sensual nature will surpass your expectations every time!

    I will not be visiting until this summer so that gives you ample time to research me. Please watch my videos and read my website.

    Tour Dates will be posted in the next few weeks!

    Here are a few of my very first videos so you can see what I really looked like a year ago. More videos coming very soon!

    I am particularly appreciated by gentlemen who are having their first experience visiting a lady. If you are a bit uncertain, nervous or unsure, you will be completely at ease with me. We can enjoy each other's company at whatever pace is most comfortable for you. The longer you stay with me, the more amazing the memories will be.

    Schedule East of Manitoba (more dates on website)
    Brandon: June 7th 4pm – June 9th 10am
    Winnipeg: June 9th 4pm – June 11th 10am
    Kenora: June 11th 4pm – June 12th 10am
    Thunder Bay: June 12th 4pm – June 14th 10am
    Marathon: June 14th 4pm – June 16th 10am
    Sault St Marie: June 16th 4pm – June 18th 10am
    Sudbury: June 18th 4pm – June 20th 10am
    North Bay: June 20nd 24th – June 22nd 10am
    Barrie: June 22th 4pm – June 23rd 10am
    Kitchener: June 23rd 4pm – June 25th 10am
    London: June 25th 4pm – June 27th 10am
    Windsor: June 27th 4pm – June 29th 10am
    Niagrara Falls: June 29th 4pm – July 1st 10am
    Toronto: July 1st 4pm – July 4th 10am
    Peterbrough: July 4th 4pm – July 5th 10am
    Ottawa: July 5th 4pm – July 7th 10am
    Montreal: July 7th 4pm – July 9th 10am
    Quebec: July 9th 4pm – July 11th 10am
    Grand Falls: July 11th 4pm – July 12th 10am
    Fredericton: July 12th 4pm – July 13th 10am
    Saint John,NB: July 13th 4pm – July 14th 10am
    Halifax: July 14th 4pm – July 16th 10am
    Sydney: July 16th 4pm – July 18th 10am
    Charlotteton: July 18th 4pm – July 19th 10am
    Moncton: July 19th 4pm – July 20th 10am
    Riviere du-Loup: July 20th 6pm – July 22th 10am
    Sherbrooke: July 22th 6pm – July 24th 10am
    Montreal: July 24th 6pm – July 25th 10am
    Ottawa: July 25th 6pm - July 27th 10am
    Toronto: July 27th 4pm – July 29th 10am
    Sault St Marie: July 29th 5pm – July 30th 10am
    Thunder Bay: July 30th 6pm – July 31st 10am
    Winnipeg: July 31st 8pm – Aug 2nd 10am
    Brandon: Aug 2nd 2pm – Aug 5th 10am
    Taking bookings now!


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    Tour Dates are now posted!

    Follow me on Twitter: TheMsEmilyMarie
    I tweet candid photos daily as I travel across Canada!

    xo Emily Marie

    If you would like to read more about me, here are some articles written about me in a local Victoria paper.
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