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Thread: Not accepting US $$$?

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    Question Not accepting US $$$?


    I saw an indy MP not long ago... Or at least tried to see her.

    I'm born and raised in Montreal, proud Canuck. I was in Vermont prior to meeting her. When I got there I realised that the only money I had was the US from the trip. That plus a toonie.

    I let her know that and even gave her an extra on top to compensate for the "inconvenience"... "What am I supposed to do with that?" she says (en bon Quebecois)... Huh? Are you for real? Had to walk out; with money in my pockets for once! Would that be considered a winning situation?

    Is that even legal? I know USA has lost it's triple A rating, but faith in the Benajmin's too?

    I just don't get it!

    PS - I heard stories that a toonie got some peeps way more than my US money...Figure that!!

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    I suppose she didn't want to go to an currency exchange place.

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    How much more did you wanted to give her?
    She may not know how to do the conversion rate and heard that the USD is cheaper than the CDN from her pimp that even doesn't know how to do the conversion They rather loose their time and money and not bother with the conversion system... too complicate for their smart ass.


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    I don't think I've ever had a SP refuse US Currency. One or two have been reluctant, but did accept it with allowances for the exchange rate. I can't remember for sure, but I've not had but a few "regular" businesses even being hesitant about accepting US Currency. With the exception of businesses right on the border, I've never had a US business accept Canadian Currency. I was at a McDonalds in Northern California where the cashier wouldn't wouldn't accept a Canadian Dime. My buddy gave my a dime so I could have the burger.
    Most places in the US look at you and ask "what country that is from, or is it Monopoly money?" When they see Canada on it, they are surprised that lately it is worth more. Recently, however, the US Dollar and the Canadian Dollar have been close to Par.
    It can't be illegal for any one not to accept any kind of currency, but they have the right. Air Canada won't accept anyone's cash on the aircraft, and is the same in the US for most airlines, but some commuters of the same airlines are cash only.
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    It is a lot of trouble to cash in the money, unless you go often to the USA.

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    Lily from Montreal
    I disagree, american money is actually as welcome as canadian and for me it saves me the time to go get some....I kind of like getting it because It is easier to ''save'' since it doesnt go into realife work income loll

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    Probably used the 'money' as an excuse no to go with the session.

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    U,S. money is easier to counterfeit, some people rarly go to the U.S. so they do not want any foreign currency.

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    Great point Lily.

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    Lily from Montreal
    And whenever I go to the casino it becomes my ''play money '''s a circle : the money made playing pays the game loll And if there is a place they do not care what provenance the money comes it is it the country of origins or the way it was made...

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    Thanks for the input guys,

    LT - I was going to give her 20% more, which I think is pretty fair. Agreed that they don't want to lose time, especially that this girl was above and beyond VERY business oriented!
    Lily - I actually think the same way! I too keep my us cash as is. I actually have a us account in my canadian bank. It always comes in handy when I travel to the states! Great mind think alike... (what r u doing next sunday? )
    Gentle - I reaaaly don't think that was the issue. I was greeted at the door in a very special way, that made me regret leaving and not trying to work something out... I even rescheduled another day.
    Addison- Haven't you heard - Nothing is hard to counterfeit, just takes more time and resources. Did you know someone even managed to counterfeit the new canadian 100$ bill?

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    I'm going to hazard a guess that the young woman was sufficiently lacking in sophistication and simply didn't realize that the US Dollar and Canadian Looney are essentially of the same value. Offering 20% over was extraordinarily generous on your part and her eyes should have lit up at the prospect. That she didn't accept your offer suggests that she didn't know its value.

    You want to offer Lily 20% over for taking USD and see how quickly she accepts?
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    You would not like it if she gave you change in Shekels.

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    the only world currency is us dollar,i am very suprise why an sp can refuse us dollar.

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