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Thread: End of the Fortune Cookie Trail in Montreal

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    End of the Fortune Cookie Trail in Montreal

    Fellow merbites:

    The new legislation may take a bite out of the or even end the fortune cookie trail in Montreal. Setting up shop in TO is much cost efficient and less LE now that it's legal. Along with competition and better service, heading down the 401 makes way more sense to find better variety of fortune cookies than waiting for the leftovers from TO. Wouldn't be surprised to find no more Asian products or vendors in Montreal in the coming months.

    Save your bucks and go West, young men.

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    Not legal yet my friend...not yet,only in a year and ONLY if Harper does not make a new law,he has been given a year to re write it.

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    I am guessing Harper would have to rewrite a law within the confines of the court's decision. I don't think any legislation would be able to completely make prostitution illegal.

    My guess is the government will pass a law to make it possible for local jurisdictions to zone prostitution in non-residential areas.

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    Let the fortune cookies go, when in Montreal I like poutine better.
    "Just When I Thought I Was Out.....They Pull Me Back In!!!"

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    BennyG, you use "fortune cookie trail" and talk of the movement between Montréal and Toronto. Would you say is that the mobility of the "Asian products", to use again your wording, is that much fluid between the two cities?

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    Nah ! he's probably fed up with the asian Sps market in Mtrl that's all.

    There's a lot more available in TOs with 6 times more Asians than in Mtrl anyway.

    It's just normal he wants to go west.

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