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Thread: Anyone Use this Escort Agency? Montreal Mature Escorts!

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    Anyone Use this Escort Agency? Montreal Mature Escorts!

    Here is the website link

    I want to hear some reviews before I book soon

    any feedback would be great because i cant find any on here so im hesitate to use the agency

    of course there are reviews on their site but i want to hear some on here ...


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    Well, they used to be called Montreal Escorts Plus, so that could have thrown off your search.

    I can`t find a review, but I also saw Shelbie about a year ago. I would skip her. Face is about a 3 and Body a 5. She is also pretty passive for a MILF. Her was very nice though. So, overall the service of these ladies are good, but don`t expect much in the way of looks. If you want to see someone, I would go with Diva. I`ve never seen her, but Rachel looks pretty decent as well.

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