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    Thumbs up Agency Videos

    Congrats to Montreal Top Escorts who advertise here and who have been putting up video clips of their girls, I think it is a AMAZING feature and wish all agencies would join them in doing so. Good job whomever is in charge over there.
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    Hello all,

    Yup, there's nothing like a moving body to provide the most accurate prospect of what to expect. One agency, can't be sure who it was, used to have some of this.

    Short, straight forward videos of no less than 30 seconds, kept real without stylized embellishments or special effects would become the best way to turn client choices. The cost can't be all that different from a profession still photo shoot, and the technical applications must be just as easy to employ.

    This is the way to go, and I don't know why it hasn't become standard. C'mon agencies and Indies.

    BTW...the name is Top Montreal Escorts.

    Hey Evillethings...add this to the list.


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    I have to agree with my two buddies on this.....having videoclips is a breath of fresh air. I might actually prefer this over having a picture showing the girl's face.

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    I agree, those videos are cool. Good job Top Montreal Escorts!

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    Montreal Xxxtase previously used videos for alot of their girls as well. It's a nice touch.
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