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    You give Love..A BAD NAME
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    other Shills

    (I hope this is not in Poor Taste......Just a small attempt @ Humor)

    shill - One who poses as a satisfied customer or an enthusiastic gambler to dupe bystanders into participating in a swindle.
    A decoy who acts as an enthusiastic customer in order to stimulate the participation of others

    Jose CanSHILLco - A Fraud Former Baseball Player SHILL

    Curt ScHILLing - The Anti-SHILL, who gave Blood for the Red Sox to WIN the 2004 World Series

    Guy LeSHILL - Hockey SHILL

    Wayne SHILLzky - SHILLed by the N.H.L.P.A.

    Leonardo da VinSHILL - Italian SHILL

    Sir Winston ChurchSHILL - British SHILL

    Snow White & The Seven SHILLs - These are Dwarfs who like to SHILL

    SHILLotologist - One who Treats SHILLs

    SHILLaphobia - One who Fears SHILLs

    50 SHILL - A Rap Singer, who can't Sing

    Anna KourniSHILLva - A HOT Tennis Player, who can't Play Tennis

    Donald TrumpSHILL - "YOU'RE FIRED !"

    Arnold SHILLzenegger - California Governor who is a SHILL Actor (I am the SHILLinator)

    SHILLvester Stallone - another SHILL Actor

    SHILLary SHILLwank - Million Dollar SHILL

    President George W. BuSHILL - American President who SHILLed the WORLD.......a.k.a. a Chronic SHILL

    President SHILL Clinton - He SHILLed the World when he said, "I did not have Relations with that Girl".

    Michael JackSHILLon - Pop Singer who SHILLed Young Boys

    Martha SHILLwart - Home Maker SHILL who Lied, went to Jail, and now is Free

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    Angry Michael Jacko The Pervert Shiller Thriller???

    Quote Originally Posted by Le Cock Sportif
    Good one Robert!

    It is often said that he is like a candy: white chocolate with a nut inside.
    This pervert is more like a dark chocolate poison with a very defective off white spray paint coating on its nutshill (a nutshell special for the Jacko!!!).

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    Ο εξορισμένος βασιλιάς φιλοσόφων της παν αυτοκρατορίας Ελληνικη.

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