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Thread: I'm no mathematician...

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    Question I'm no mathematician...

    But I am confused how I-N can charge $250/hr in Ottawa with occasional $250/hr specials in Toronto. Book the same girls in Montreal, and it will cost you $300/hr. No specials here!

    Same goes with their "elite" rate. $350/hr in Toronto vs $450/hr in Montreal

    I figured that travel, food, and hotel would cause touring rates to increase, if anything. But again, I'm no mathematician

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    Well Sir. Grant ,

    There are also agencies in Montreal that are charging 3 different prices for the same lady . So figure that one out .

    The name of the game is to really deal with the agencies that you are at ease with , that listen to you and that have past reference from POSTERS in the review boards (I insist on the POSTERS and not MEMBERS there is a BIG difference these day's)


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    1+1 not always = 2 ???

    Forget the accounting... I guess you could call this a strategy of market "penetration" .

    From what I'm hearing from several providers in Montreal, the market is quite saturated in the higher price range (good offer but low demand, so even if you offer a rebate, you won't necessarely increase your business). I don't know the market situation in Ottawa, but in Toronto, you got to be agressive to face the competition and get your share of the business in the higher price ranges.

    Lion Heart

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    Question Law of diminishing returns?

    The I-N rate is down to $225 1hr / $450 2hr in Ottawa.

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