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Thread: Vanesssa of Vancouver - worth the drive!

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    Vanesssa of Vancouver - worth the drive!

    So, this is tongue-in-cheek. I love the girls of Montreal and would not suggest driving to Vancouver to meet Vanesssa. But if you happen to be there...

    As I mentioned last week in this post

    I had driven to Nevada by way of Texas, and had a horrible strip club experience, and was thinking about visiting a legal Nevada brothel, and I read a review in which a guy said that U.S. escorts are almost never worth the money, so I drove to Vancouver and met Vanesssa.

    Best SP service of my life. Totally handled my weird requests. Best body I`ve ever seen, and it was $650 for two hours, which actually turned out to be two hours twenty minutes.

    But P.S. I love the Montreal girls and can`t wait to see my next one!

    Be well, everyone.

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    Sh!t man !

    Tell us about your horrible strip club experience in Nevada !

    To drive 1300miles for an SP in Vancouver, it had to be quite a show !
    Me semble qu'en avion avec des air miles t'aurais pu avoir un pince-nez en prime au moins !

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    It's in the link above. Not a huge deal, I just paid $100 for 3 songs and she spent the first song texting her niece - that's the short version.

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