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Thread: Top 10 NHL Defencemen of All Time

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    Top 10 NHL Defencemen of All Time

    The Top 10:

    1. Orr
    2. Lidstrom
    3. Harvey
    4. Bourque
    5. Potvin
    6. Coffey
    7. Robinson
    8. Pilote
    9. Leetch
    10. Chelios

    Honorable Mentions: Stevens, McInnis, Savard, Lapointe, Park, Howe

    This limited to NHL players of the past 60 years or so - guys like Eddie Shore played too long ago for a fair comparison.

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    Quote Originally Posted by joelcairo View Post
    The Top 10:
    1. Harvey
    2. Lidstrom
    3. Orr
    Harvey was ahead of Orr.

    You are probably too young to have watched him play, but he controlled the game like no one before or since.

    Orr had better offensive skills, but Harvey was and all-around player in a class by himself. Probably the most underrated player of all time.

    Habs owe probably six of their Stanley Cups directly to him.

    Harvey was also more durable than Orr, which counts for a lot.

    In 1967?, when he could barely stand, Harvey took the expansion St-Louis Blues (a bunch of less than nobodies) all the way to the Stanley Cup final all by himself.


    If he hadn't also been a hopeless drunk, who practically lived at the old Tow Blake's tavern for at least two years, Harvey would have had a far better reputation and would have been recognized for the player he was.

    A lot of hockey is simple PR....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Net Profit Margin View Post
    What about Rob Blake?
    The list is the top 10, not the top 100.

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    1) Orr
    2) Potvin
    3) Coffee
    4) Harvey
    5) Bourque
    6) Lidstrom
    7) Salming
    8) Langway
    9) Mark Howe
    10) Phaneuf

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    Phaneuf wouldn't be top 500 in the AHL.

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    the bird Robinson is one of the best who play with the habs

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    Quote Originally Posted by Net Profit Margin View Post
    Phaneuf wouldn't be top 500 in the AHL.
    Excellent observation.

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    Definitely Orr, then Lidstrom!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Net Profit Margin View Post
    Phaneuf wouldn't be top 500 in the AHL.
    Indeed.That overrated cheap shot spotpicker dosent belong on any self respecting hockey fan s top 1000000 list!

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    Let's keep this thread on topic and leave the team rivalries and trash talk for the free for all thread, shall we?

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    1. Orr
    2. Harvey
    3. Lidstrom
    4. Bourque
    5. Coffey
    6. Potvin
    7. Robinson
    8. Stevens
    9. Leetch
    10. Chelios


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    No question Orr, Harvey, Bourque, Lidstrom, Coffey and Potvin are in my top 10. Then it comes down to a group of about 10 to fill the final 4 spots

    Eddie Shore, Scott Stevens, Al MacInnis, Larry Robinson, Scott Stevens, Brian Leetch, Chris Chelios, Brad Park, Scott Niedermayer, Red Kelly

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    Zdeno Chara belongs in this top 10, however I like pretty much howielong's list and would'nt know who to bump
    Phaneuf is closer to the bottom 10 along with our friend Komisarek...


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