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Thread: Are Local Hobbyists Going to Slow Down During Upcoming Events?

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    Are Local Hobbyists Going to Slow Down During Upcoming Events?

    Are local Montreal hobbyists thinking of backing off of hobbying activities during the upcoming major events like the 2012 Grand Prix du Canada (this week June 8 - 10) and 2012 Festival International de Jazz de Montréal (June 28 to July 7).

    Do these major events change the way you hobby or have no impact?

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    i'm personally going to back off a little during these events/fests while visitors are in town...

    2 reasons:
    i) hotels rates are a little too jacked up for my tastes and it's tough to get a decent room DT
    ii) bookings with my TDL SP's are a little tougher and I hate waiting in line for a session

    anyway, i see this as payback (or pay-it-forward) time from the visitors ... us locals would appreciate a fresh batch of reviews

    BTW, the Memorial / Victoria Day weekend reviews were great guys! ... thanks for sharing!

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    Grand Prix weekend is the one weekend I make it a point not to hobby. One huge cash grab by girls, reduction in service...let the tourists enjoy themselves...I'll go play golf instead.

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    Mr. Lube summarizes my position very well. I always take a break from hobbying during F1. You can see the price increases already. Example, Stacy and Allyson at Angels are now at $220 instead of $200. I don't use Tony much anymore because I can get what I want at $160-180 but this is just one example of the price gauging that goes on this week. Of course, with the student protests and numerous hotel cancellations things may not be as busy as usual.

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    Not me ! I break even !

    I'm getting better deals on all my hotel stays this year !
    Including during Jazz fest.
    Thanks to GND

    Which I'll 'transfer' gladly to our local SPs !
    After all they are the best reason why Mtrl is fun to live in !

    I can always watch the freakin F1 on tv. anyway

    This town should have a real 'fuckin festival' with tours to our best lounges, restaurants and hotel suites for visitors.

    With a huge freakin arab tent to make place Jacques-Cartier the biggest harem in North America.
    And cover with sand part of the la commune street to make a 5 days non-stop miss beach Montreal contest !

    Then Ste-Catherines would have its own Carnival like Rio has.

    But we're in Canada where some prefer a freakin 100years old of the same fuck!n boring St-Patrick one !
    Avec leur gremlins et lutins verts
    Asti qui sont plate !

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gentle View Post
    Thanks to GND

    Hey Gentle, it will not be obvious for many readers that GND is the acronym for Guillaume Nadeau-Dubois, one of the student leaders.

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    Lily from Montreal
    It's Gabriel...The new archenemy of the government...There's a hilarious song on You tube where ALL bad things in life are because of him including the bad weather...

    And to answer the poll..I meet less because the clientèle of the Grand-Prix is not my favorite crowd...I prefer a bit more class and less excessive party...
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    I put down no difference, though I probably should have put down hobbying more. The big current event is that the US dollar is now worth 1.04 CDN, highest in nearly a year.
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    F1 week in Montreal is the wilder of the 2 events clearly with more testosterone flowing ... more groups of guys turning it into a "guy's week" or a "guy's roadtrip"... i doubt it's going to be any smaller this year due to student activities. visitors don't care... it's just students protesting, marching the streets ... it hasn't been a Stanley Cup parade with rioting thus far and it's gone on for a while now in a fairly civil manner, good for the students not swaying from their position to bring some BS to light.

    I agree with MrLube, a reduction in service quality during weeks featuring a major event historically with SP's keepin' their eye on the cash flowing into town and booking themselves for extra shifts or extended hours. but then again, visitors never feel that drop in quality (only the locals + regulars sense it) because let's face it Hobbyland's GFE service, even at 50% capacity is still better than just about anywhere else at 100%.

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    Arrests with pepper spray sprayed into the crowd... hope it won't be like this Monday. Rather not bring my gas mask and riot gear.

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