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Thread: My week in Montreal

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    My week in Montreal

    I am a regular contributor to TER in the U.S. but on my visits to Montreal have found MERB to be invaluable. In composing reviews for TER on my F1 week in Montreal I thought it might be helpful to share my views with my northern neighbors as well. So this is my first post and I apologize in advance if I`m not adhering to MERBs conventions, but here goes...

    1) In Montreal for the F1 race, I had made my list of ladies I wanted to see. I checked the schedules and decided on Vanessa at Chloes for the first night. Chloe’s has great pictures, but I can’t say I’m impressed with this agency. I had used them in years past with good results, but the guy on the phone was sort of short and rude. The driver, already 10 minutes late, called to say traffic was bad, it would be another 10 minutes – 25 minutes later Vanessa knocked on the door. She is small and thin – looks very much like her pictures. She is cute with a nice rye smile. No makeup on this occasion as it was some special women’s day in Canada. I started with a massage - nice body – good proportions for her thin body - no fat – 2 interesting piercings on her lower back. We chatted during the massage – pretty good English. I then began to kiss her breasts – nice B cups – good responsive nipples. Moved down to dine at the Y – nice and clean – finger inserted – O achieved – she did not like her nipples to be played with. She then gave me a very nice – nice variety of hand and mouth. On went the condom for some nice CG – throughout the session about half penetration was allowed. We then moved to mish and finished in doggie. All positions were very nice, but the lack of full penetration took away from the excitement. All in all a very pleasant session – I enjoyed her company.

    2) I met with Cindy last year while in town for the F1 race and was excited to see she was still on the roster. She was relatively new last year, but I very much enjoyed my time with her. Asservante is my favorite agency in Montreal – they are honest, very appreciative and treat you like a king. I gave her a review last year, but TER seemed to just add it to another Cindy from this agency from years ago – not her, so a bit confusing. I started with a massage – amazingly fit body, nice perky tits, perfect ass, fun personality – truly a great package!. Began to kiss her nipples – A cups, but great perky, responsive nipples. We did some kissing – very nice and sensuous – good amount of tongue. Moved down to dine at the Y – nice and clean – relatively quick powerful O achieved. She then gave me one of the best s I’ve ever had- wonderful suction, nice variety, good mix of hands and mouth, paid nice attention to the balls – real good! On went the condom and a little lube for a spirited CG, rolling to mish with her legs up high, a little more lube and finishing in the most aggressive doggie session I’ve ever been a part of. She has great hip movement and literally throws herself back into you – awesome! She is a small little dynamo – in my book, she is the ultimate spinner!

    3) Checked out the schedules for the evening and was taken by Leah at Asservante – highly recommended agency. When she arrived, I was very pleased. She looked quite young, is very pretty with a fun personality and pretty good English. I gave her a massage - nice body – a little fuller figure than I generally like. We kissed a bit – she is a very good kisser – good amount of tongue. I kissed her breasts – B cups – very youthful. Moved down to dine at the Y – nice and clean – finger inserted – O achieved pretty soon with a nice headlock. She then gave me a very nice , positioning herself on my side for a nice fondling opportunity. On went the condom for an OK CG session – she just sorta laid on top of me. We then moved to mish, with my arm under holding her leg up high – nice. We finished up in doggie, which was truly the highlight. She has a nice full butt, with a nice bounce and has a great way of getting her chest flat on the bed with her ass held up high – very nice!

    4) Synching my list with girls available, I called Eleganza to set up a time with Cassie. When she arrived I was pleased – she is very pretty - a bit more made up than I like. I gave her a massage – ok body, thin but not real firm. Began to kiss her breasts – ok. Moved down to dine at the Y – nice and clean, responsive finger inserted, nice O achieved. She then gave me a pretty good – things began to deteriorate a bit as she fumbled with the condom, seeming frustrated, biting the wrapper…I lost some of my excitement. She brought me back, put on the condom for some average CG. This is the first time for me over the years that language became a problem. I asked if she wanted to roll (to mish)– she didn’t get it and I had to explain. She withdrew and laid on her back – reinserted and went back at it – she didn’t seem to be into it so much. I then said I’d like to get behind her – she once again didn’t understand and I had to explain. She moved to doggie, but between having to explain my desires and her growing lack of interest I began to lose it. To her credit, she tried to bring me back, but it wasn’t to be. We then had an awkward chat where she explained how she was very tired. Giving her the benefit of the doubt, there were moments of fun and creativity, so YMMV.

    5) Checking out availability, I decided to go with a double from QOS with Sabrina and Alexia. The girls arrived and I was pleased – Sabrina is a cute perky size and Alexia a bit larger and also quite pretty. Evidently I didn’t understand the arrangement. I asked them if they were really into each other. They both looked very confused and said “no that’s a show and you didn’t ask for that” – “that’s more $ and we don’t know how much” huh?? So what we agreed to, was that they would both please me but have nothing to do with one another – not exactly what I had in mind, but I made the best of it. I was drawn to Sabrina and in fact after this session called the agency to invite her back on her own the next day, which is what I will expand on. To summarize this session, Sabrina is dark skinned (darker than pics) with a great little body, nice C cups, great butt, cute face, great English, cute but business like personality. Alexia is a larger girl, B cups, her English is not so good, seemed very sweet, gives a fabulous (no CIM), did not fuck her. Started out with kissing and from both - dined at the Y with both – no Os – doggie with Sabrina – everything seemed good except she didn’t seem so into it. Alexia finished me off with a fabulous . In hindsight, I should have ignored the little head and paid more attention to Alexia – very willing, great skills.
    Please start a new thread for a Duo

    So, as mentioned above, I invited Sabrina back, thinking that if I had her to myself things would be better. I started with a massage – great bod. I began kissing her breasts – nice C cups – soft and squishy – nice nipples- responsive. Did a bit of kissing – good if a bit reserved. Move down to dine at the Y – nice and fresh- responsive, finger inserted, O achieved – she had held back during the duo so that was fun. She then gave me an OK – not enough natural lube – a bit abrasive. On went the condom for some pretty good CG – a few rhythm issues. Rolled into mish and then moved to doggie. She has a great butt with the perfect bounce. I was hoping to finish in doggie, but I just couldn’t quite figure out if she was enjoying herself. As I get older that mental aspect becomes more and more important. So, I asked to finish with a . The turned into a HJ and between a lack of rhythm and her phone giving us multiple warnings that we were within 15 minutes of her driver arriving I got frustrated and called it a day. So, to summarize – Sabrina is a very cute package – lacking some skills and a bit reserved and business like - YMMV.
    No current review thread. Please start a new one.

    6) Checked the schedule at Asservante and saw that Stephanie was on. Martin and Tony are the best and they hooked me up. When Stephanie arrived, I was very pleased. She is a natural beauty – very little makeup – truly the girl next door. We chatted a bit – nice, cute personality – good English. We started with a massage – very nice, thin, if not spectacular body. Very good sensuous kisser - thoroughly enjoyed it. I began kissing her breasts – nice B to C cups – perfect for her frame – nice responsive nipples. I moved down to dine at the Y – nice and fresh – she is very responsive – finger inserted – she had a very powerful O – big response and moan – fun! She then took over with more hugging, kissing and caressing that turned into a fabulously sensuous . On went the condom for a wildly spirited CG – big O – lots of moans. We rolled to mish – very nice – and finished in doggie – great view, nice access. Wow – I had a great time! Stephanie is a wonderful girl who I thoroughly enjoyed and who genuinely seemed to enjoy herself – very exciting for me!

    7) After a bad no show experience with Chloe’s, I called Delight Escorts and arranged for a visit from Cristina. I was pleased when she arrived, looking just like her pictures, if a bit younger. Her English is pretty good, so we spoke for a while – kind of a young, tough girl vibe. I gave her a massage – very nice body – incredibly soft skin! She is a surprisingly good kisser – nice and sensuous. Began to kiss her breasts – nice B cups with youthful nipples – responsive. Moved down to dine at the Y- very clean and fresh – inserted finger – O achieved. She then gave me a very nice , with her at my side for a nice fondling opportunity. On went the condom for a somewhat reserved CG – limiting penetration. Moved to a nice mish session followed by some wonderful doggie where I lost it – great view and nice bounce. She seemed to have a bit of a hard time handling full penetration. Truly what made the time with her special is her skin – it is so soft.

    8) Back to my favorites at Asservante, I arranged for a visit from Saphir. She is a very natural, pretty brunette with big eyes, great smile and a girl next door look. We had an interesting, thoughtful conversation – good English. I gave her a massage – nice body – a bit fuller than ideal for me. She is a very good sensuous kisser. I began to kiss her breasts – very nice B cups with great puffy nipples – very responsive. Moved down to dine at the Y – very responsive – finger inserted – O achieved. She then gave me a very nice that started very slow and built in intensity. On went the condom for some ok CG. We then moved to mish – very nice with legs up high, then moving to doggie. I had high hopes for doggie, with Saphir having a full butt, but the angle wasn’t ideal. We went at it for a while until I realized I wasn’t going to come. Saphir then gave me a wonderful that had me very close when her phone starting alerting us of her driver’s arrival – bummer. Even so, I had a very nice time with Saphir.
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    Thanks for the informative reviews. One question. How was Cindy's English?

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    hello blangston,

    Please look through the following thread.

    For Trip Report formats, this is the way it is done on MERB. We do not permit one post/thread with multiple reviews unless those reviews are copied into their respective threads as well. In the long run it would create a chaotic board, where reviews are scattered everywhere.

    We thank you for your very informative reviews, but I ask if you can copy/paste them into their respective threads. I have provided the links for you to make the process easier.

    If you wish, you can keep this original post/thread as is, so discussion can take place while seeing all of your information together. This table of contents styled post will be moved to the lounge. I do still need you to copy your individual reviews to each thread.

    Thank you,
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    Very good - no problems at all

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    Nice job Blangston. Thanks for the ajustments.

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