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Thread: Cleaning of sex toys

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    Cleaning of sex toys

    I would like to know what is the best way to clean sex toys.. I have bought a silicone dildo for my girlfriend and not sure it a mild hand soap or a dish soap it the best way to clean it after use.. I do not want to use something that will harm the silicone. thanking you all in advacne.

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    I use a surgical scrub

    I am sure something like phisoderm will do as good of a job

    Where 's my friend Sapman on this one ??

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    Go to a sex shop and buy Vibro Net. It both cleans and disinfects and it's probably one of the best products on the market.

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    thanks a lot will try the antibacerial soap... and the toys are only used on her

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    Dish soap or even body soap. if the toy need more than that it is time to throw it away and get a new one.

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    Silicone can withstand cleaning in a dishwasher.

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    i use a condom over my dildo.
    then i still clean it afterwards with soap and water

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    Silicone can handle almost anything you can find in a house as far as cleaning agent. The only thing I'd stay away from is acetone (nail polish remover) or stuff like CLR and even, then, CLR might be safe.

    For fun, I've look around Google with the words "damage" "silicone" . It's amazing how people clean aquariums (joints between glass are silicone), menstrual cups, kitchen utensils, all stuff made of or containing silicone. As long as the cleaning product isn't abrasive so it doesn't do physical damages, it should be ok from what I found.

    So, alcohol, bleach, peroxide, vinegar, soap, let yourself loose! Just rinse really good with water before use.
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    Silicone can handle almost anything you can find in a house as far as cleaning agent.
    One thing that can damage a silicone toy, believe it or not, it lubricants containing silicone itself. The silicone in the lubricant can degrade the silicone in the toy.
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