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Thread: MTL Incalls: Enough Time between clients? SPs ont-elles assez de temps entre clients?

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    MTL Incalls: Enough Time between clients? SPs ont-elles assez de temps entre clients?

    Voici un thread pour reprendre la conversation commencer dans un thread d`une SP, (Kate goodgirls), concernant le temps de préparation alloué à la demoiselle entre les clients qui semble plutôt court voir inexistant ou considéré comme faisant parti du temps de la session qu`on paye.

    Le post de reverdy concernant le Incall à Toronto est particulièrement informatif.

    N`hésiter pas à ajouter des commentaires ou témoignage sur le sujet.


    Here`s a Thread concerning the time allocated to the girl between clients that appears to be very small and even non-existent or considered part of our paid session.

    Reverdy`s post concerning incalls in toronto is particularly informative.

    Feel free to add any comments or testimony about this topic.


    Voici le thread ou tout à commencer:
    Here is the thread where it started:

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    Incalls can be a revolving door of clients in and out, in and out.

    That's why I stick to outcalls as it gives the girls more down time between clients.

    The worst part about incalls is when they make you wait for your scheduled appointment, cause you know what she's doing when your waiting for the ok to go see her.

    This happend to me once where I had to wait in the parking lot for the girl to finish up. When I saw her she didn't even have time to take a shower as she was still sweaty from her previous client and when I went down on her pussy it was still warm from being stuffed 10 minuted earlier.

    After that, no more incalls for me.......untill I feel the urged to give it another try.
    "Just When I Thought I Was Out.....They Pull Me Back In!!!"

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    While waiting for Mod 11 to transfer a couple of posts that have been deleted from Kate's thread, here is what member reverdy said:

    In Toronto, it is the opposite of MTL as Incall is more popular than Outcall and usually, girls have between 15-30 minutes preparation time between client where they can shower, eat, smoke...

    What you said TheDon is very true especially for small agency operating at motel excel for exemple, but for bigger agency like GG, I was expecting a different behaviour. I don't know about Nadya's VIP...

    But my question is, is it the Girl that ask to have no time between client to leave earlier and make max clients in shorter time OR is it the agency that prefer to leave no time between customer to optimize the use of Hotel Rooms, have more clients per shift?

    An Agency that uses Condo or Appartment does not really need to optimize the room but the girl might want to do more in less time...

    The best unrushed incalls for me to date are from Indy's that don't do much clients and always leave some spare time between customers like Isha the little indian, Anna also allowed me to stay longer to chat if no client after, Alicia32D is not clock watching etc... With Indys, there are no other intermediates...

    I don't like Outcall and don't do it at the moment but I might one day.

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    As I said then (since my original post was considered off-topic): most of the agencies in Toronto specialize in offering incalls rather than outcalls. As a side note, this is where my experience with incalls is largely coming from.

    Most of the well-recognized agencies in Toronto (Mirage, Select, etc.) give their girls 30 minutes between their clients in order to change the bed sheets, to shower and refresh their makeup, to eat, etc. The only agency I've dealt with which gives girls less time than this is Roommates: on average, they only have 15 minutes. Some of the girls at Roommates have however argued and obtained from their management to get 30 minutes between calls.

    Net result: I've never been told by a girl from a Toronto incall agency that we had to cut the session short because the next client was waiting (something that was reported by smartboy and UncleBob in their reviews of Kate @ GoodGirls). Even with Roommates: full hour, with no mention of the end of the session approaching.

    Now, maybe the agencies in Toronto have a bit more latitude in the amount of time they give their girls between clients because of their higher rates. That being said, I believe there is a limit to how much this can explain the difference between what occurs in Toronto and Montreal in terms of time management.

    UncleBob was wondering how clients asking for a half-hour session could manage, given how rushed is one-hour was. In comparison in Toronto, when a client goes for a 30 minutes session, the girl will generally cut short with the introduction so that the client can jump in the shower immediately. When he comes out of the shower, the practice is generally for her to be waiting for him in bed, ready for the action to begin immediately.

    My comment in my original post was that if the experiences of UncleBob and smartboy with Kate was representative of how time is being managed in Montreal incalls, I would probably never go that route, and stick to outcalls which give me a greater control on how time is being used under the circumstances.

    So, given that GoodGirls seems to be now a recognized agency in Montreal, and seems to occupy an important place in the incall market, I hope Mike will consider giving his girls more time between clients.

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