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Thread: ESPN Votes Montreal Canadiens Top Uniform In Pro Sports; Yankees #9

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    ESPN Votes Montreal Canadiens Top Uniform In Pro Sports; Yankees #9

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    The Leafs came 5th out of the Original Six in the NHL. I say the Blackhawks were robbed!

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    This is a stupid poll. Each individual has his own perspective about what uniform he likes & just because a group of people are asked which of their favorite uniforms are their favorite, it doesn't mean that this is so. For example, i personally believe that the Yankees have the best-looking uniform in MLB. However, since i hate the Yankees, i won't name them if i'm included on the poll. I'll come up with whatever name that pops in my head.....let's say the Cincinnati Reds.

    If it's hockey, the last team i'll chose will be the Montreal Canadiens.....for the same reasons. However, deep down, they probably have one of the top 3 uniforms in the NHL. If i'm a habs fan (or a non-hockey fan), i'll name them #1. If not, forget it.

    Same with the NBA. I hate the Lakers, probably as much as i hate the Miami Heat. However, in my opinion, not a single NBA uniform comes close to the Lakers as far as looks go. But will i mention this in a poll? Nah!

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    C'mon Doc, let the Habs have this win!! At least one of the most pitiful teams on ice has the prettiest uniforms! LOL!! That has to count for something!!
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    Typical Yankee fan in the Merb Sports Section!! Bwwaahh.

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