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Thread: Best Dividend Stock Picks?

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    Best Dividend Stock Picks?

    I am thinking of investing in Dividend Stocks and I was wondering if experts here could recommend some Dividend stocks?

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    Here is some good advice. Do not take investment advice from friends, neighbors, co-workers, taxi drivers, hairdressers, escort review boards, etc. Anyone can pretend that he or she is a a financial expert. For investment advice go to certified accredited financial advisers, and even then, check them out first - research their track record and ensure that they are not in a conflict of interest.

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    Listen to Robin plus it is good to have 2 advisors. If 1 offers you a stock tip check with the other one to make sure it is not a sell off from the company they work for.
    I put stock brokers in the same boat as lawyers and politicians, hard to trust.

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    Here are some dividend stocks I like. I am not an expert, but if you ask an expert for advice they will tell you these are good buys. Good dividend, good possibility of upside.

    Inter Pipeline fund
    Power Corp
    Artis Reit
    Trans Alta

    Trans Canada Pipe might be a bit high now, but if you wait for dip it is a good buy.

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    Sadly most financial advisers are even worse than random people you know. The advice they give tends to be self serving and sometimes criminally insane. You are best on your own.

    I could recommend various books but then you would be taking advice from some random schmuck on what to read. Read multiple books from multiple perspectives. I would recommend Random Walk down Wall Street, Stocks for the Long Run and Enough Bull. Even if you can, as a random schmuck you are not going to out time the market and out pick the market. The last book gives an anti market perspective.

    That being said if you are looking for dividends, utilities and financials are the traditional go to. There are the Reits but they have for the most part have had a massive run up recently. Also they spin off returned capital gains and not dividends and if you are low income, all else being equal, dividends are better tax wise.

    Whatever you do, diversify your holdings. If anyone suggests otherwise you should smack them across the face with the back of your hand. Seriously, even if it is your own grandma, if she says stick to 1 or 2 stocks pimp slap the bitch.

    BTW the Saturday globe and mail will list all the major Canadian companies as well as their dividend yield and PE ratios. I do own some higher yielding REITs [Partners and Btb at 8%] that are not on the list, but for dividends it is a good place to start your search.

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    If the stock is highly recommended, backtrack it to see what the past performance is. A good record of earning is a good indicator.

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    I've done quite well following the advice of David and Tom Gardner at They publish several subscription newsletters that have done quite well by me.
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    Build a time machine. Travel back 10 years. Buy Apple.

    Otherwise I think you can find one of those crystal balls on eBay...

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    Quote Originally Posted by CWipes View Post
    Build a time machine. Travel back 10 years. Buy Apple.

    Otherwise I think you can find one of those crystal balls on eBay...
    Go back to 1972 and buy NIKE.....

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    Go to
    sign up for free

    go to tools *** what i did

    left click on market scan
    on top right select basic long scan
    chose the market (tsx for me)
    chose a specific sector or chose all sectors...
    chose large cap stocks highlight ( or small or med cap)
    check stocks that pay dividends
    enter the minimum yield 3 in the left box
    enter the max yield on the right box 6

    In the filters section enter 100 as the maximum number of names

    enter signal score 55 on left and 65 to its right
    sentiment score 65 on the left and 70 to its right
    score rating chose bullish
    chose above for signal and sentiment moves..
    save this scan..enter dividend
    then click on market scan report

    The results will list all the stocks that fit the criteria that you chose
    Click on the symbol for each stock to get a glympse of the chart
    Then click on stockhouse to get an idea on p e ratio, etc, financials, bla bla bla

    Alot of work...
    And after all the work, you may build a portfolio that pay dividends
    but at the same time, you will see some of your picks go down..

    Good luck

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    Quote Originally Posted by lapadict View Post
    Go back to 1972 and buy NIKE.....
    How about 1912 and Coca-Cola.

    Just one share bought at $40 ($531 in today's money) in 1912 with the dividend re-invested and the stock splits would be worth US $9,800,000 today.
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    go back last year and sell RIM

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    Quote Originally Posted by simonpaul View Post
    go back last year and sell RIM
    You can't only make 100% of your money when you short. If you shorted $10 000 worth of RIM at $45 and sold it at its low of $6 you would have made $8668 and that's pretty much a best-case scenario hitting everything right on.

    Also, asking specifically what dividend stock to buy isn't going to get you any money. If you pick 30 stocks to follow, if the markets are up, 27 of them will be up, if the markets are down, 27 of them will be down. It's more about timing than stocks. What are the odds in a bear market you have one of those 3 stocks? unlikely. Everything goes up and down together, a good bet will make you more but everything will move the same way, more or less.

    When I started, I was told to play it safe and buy blue chips. I was buying all these Canadain bank and telecommunications stocks and to play it safe, I put in stops at 10% so I could only lose 10% of my money. Well, it was a bear market and every single one hit their stops and sold. These are supposed to be safe stocks, but it didn't matter.

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