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Thread: one day of younger - one day with older escorts

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    one day of younger - one day with older escorts

    I was fantasizing about my next little vacation in Montreal. I think I would like to see a half dozen girls..themed over a couple of day of young , 18 -21 year olds, and a second day of older, 27 - 35 year olds.
    Race, breast size are not issues, but a nice face and great attitude are important.
    My day of more mature escorts might include repeat with Molly of, and a repeat with Anne Sophia of Nadya's agency, (although I don't see her on the schedule) and a first time with Neva of Nadya's VIP (although I don't see her on the schedule lately either) but a couple of 25 yr olds, Kerri of XXXtase and Genevie of mtlgfe caught my eye
    What would your list of younger include? I'm thinking Kira (20) of Mtlgfe, Anna (19) of Delight, and Anna (21) of Satanic.Cindy (19) of Asservissante and Kerri of Eleganza make my short list.

    I would like to hear your suggestions of a trio of younger and older escorts... I will be seeing them all seperately.

    Dream on!
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    Just off the top of my head....

    younger trio suggestion:

    Bianka @ Delight, Summer or Keli @ Eleganza, Natacha @ GoodGirls (she isn't currently available, so take Kate instead)
    She's in Toronto right now, but my personal favorite at the moment, Leah @ Asservissante, if she is back.

    Older trio suggestion:

    Neva @ Nadya's (she's like 25), Kerry @ XXXtase, Emmanuelle @ XXXtase

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    thanks ManApart for putting Emmanuelle on my radar.
    I had also forgotten about Naomi of MSC, who at 35, is legendary for her service.
    There are so many attractive 19 year olds advertised, but service is key.
    I am still hoping to hear from others.

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