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Thread: Yet another article about that bestselling S&M manual

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    Yet another article about that bestselling S&M manual

    Title is not entirely accurate, but I did enjoy reading this article

    Some of the parts I found memorable

    Meanwhile, a story about a young woman in thrall to a certain Mr Grey who gives her sexual pleasure by causing her pain is being bought by millions of women...
    One thing I do know. If these novels had been written by and for men highlighting the S rather than the M and outselling Antony Beevor and footballers' biographies there would be any army of women commentating on it.
    You can make yourself the most attractive human being on the planet but it won't guarantee sexual satisfaction. Brad and Angelina don't necessarily do it any better than anyone else. The rule is there are no rules. You can have good sex with someone you don't love and - what a kick in the teeth for romance - when you do find "the one", the earth may not move, or eventually sex will become so ordinary you run the risk of desire from outside ripping both of you apart.

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    Lily from Montreal
    Only problem with the infamous Grey book is that is is one of the worst written book I ever read, and trust me I lost count of how many books I've read, and a lot of them only merit was that they were printed...loll I am way more picky about my men then my choice of reading material...

    Take all the clichés ever mentioned about sex and mix with a lot of imbrobable fairytale and that's the result...
    The sex scene are incredibly unsexy, most of the book is make up sex, maybe soem finds fighting and jalousy scene counductive to sex? Not me...when I have a fight sex is is the farthest thing from my this case the cliché of someone sleeping on the couch will come to mind way faster than tearing at each other clothes....

    I feel better now that I could vent loll

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