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Thread: Bar Cougar - Best spot for Cougar

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    Cool Bar Cougar - Best spot for Cougar

    Je me demandais quel est le meilleur bar pour une cougar a Montreal ou laval - rive-nord?
    The best bar to meet a cougar in Montreal, laval ou north shore?
    Any good suggestions? thanks
    Fais de ta vie un rve, et d'un rve, une ralit

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    It's not really a bar, but Houston in Laval on Pierre Peladeau, in the Centropolis near the Moomba Super Club is good on Thursdays. They have a 5 a 7, but I go later around 8pm and it's full up until at least 10:30pm. Thursday is their best night and they have either a DJ or a live band. With the nice weather, it's been rocking all summer every Thursday night. Yesterday was beautiful also, so I went and it was full again.

    Most of that crowd, but not all, then go to Moomba across the street.

    Another place in Laval is Le Bar Rose Ange, near St-Martin Ouest and Cure Labelle. Their best nights are Friday and Saturday. It's a great club, but the music is too loud, so it's difficult to speak to women. However, they have a big smoking section outside and you can always go outside and talk to them, even if you don't smoke.

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    Thusdays on Crescent.

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    Thursday's is closed !!!! lol

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    thursday was popular for that. still looking a good one!
    Fais de ta vie un rve, et d'un rve, une ralit

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    My cougar friend told me she and her friends are now going to the new club in front of the old Thursdays called Roxburry (or some similar name). Apparently, the Thursdays staff (DJ, bouncers, barmaids, etc) now work there!

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    laval or west island
    ive heard that alot of women go to the bars in the hotels near the airport and meet out of towners

    i can fake a accent lol

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