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Thread: Lee Harvey Oswald's Bullets Miss JFK

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    Lee Harvey Oswald's Bullets Miss JFK

    Hypothetical: Lee Harvey Oswald's bullets miss JFK and Kennedy survives Dallas. Would Kennedy win a second term and, if so, what would Kennedy's second term be like? Would he had pulled out of Vietnam? Would the world be different today?

    Side Note: Stephen King actually has a recent book out on this topic, but because it has alot of science fiction elements in the book, it doesn't really deal with these issues realistically.

    Another Side Note: On that fateful day in Dallas, Kennedy wore an extra strong brace because he had injured his groin the day before, cavorting with some girlfriends. This brace held his body in a stiff, rigid posture, making him an excellent target for Oswald. Had there been no extracurricular activities the day before, Oswald might have missed or non-fatally injured him with only the first bullet.

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    Had the asteroid that wiped out the dinasaurs not collided with wouldn`t be around and asking these silly hypothetical questions.

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    Let him go on Cloudsurf....

    i wanna hear some alien abduction stories

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    Savoir Faire Is Everywhere !!!

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    One movie "Back to the Futur", or the book if you prefer reading maybe ?

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    If Kennedy was not assassinated, he would have won a second term.

    He would not have pulled out of Vietnam, because he was a strong anti-communist, as evidence in the Cuban missile crisis.

    The world would not be any different than today.
    So when will Hillary go to Prison?

    Only the Democrats would have a potential CONVICT as their Top Presidential Candidate. Simply Pathetic

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    May be we will have to call from the grave soon nostradamus,he will give us allyour future.

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