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Thread: Memorial Day Party in Montreal

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    Memorial Day Party in Montreal

    Just curious to see if any interest in this. I'll be happy to make arrangements and set the itinerary. I'm thinking of doing 2 days so that way people can attend...1 or the other...or both...

    Day 1:
    Date: Friday, May 27th
    Time: 7pm EDT - ???
    Location: Meet @ Churchills at the bar on the LEFT side facing Crescent.
    Agenda: Hang out...grab some brew...then wander over to a nudie bar or two.

    Day 2:
    Date: Saturday, May 28th
    Time: 8pm EDT - ???
    Location: Meet @ Ziggys on Cresent street
    Agenda: Same as Friday's agenda.

    No cover charge or anything like that...people just pay their own way. If get good amount of people I'll talk to the bars and have some space set aside for us. Obviously SP's are always welcome to come showcase their wares. Just make sure you keep that stuff on the downlow as I enjoy going to those

    Oh and of course nobody is obligated to go both days or stay entire time etc. I know it's obvious but I thought I'd mention it for new people to the boards.


    Please respond if interested.

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    but might be busy...have a big exam on the 4th of i'll have to let u know

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    A young lady is taking me to see Cirque du Soleil on Friday evening (27th), so there's no way i'll be able to make for that night. She isn't involved in any way with the hobby, nor does she suspect that i am. As for Saturday, it might be possible if she's left town.

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    Don't worry about the doormen...i'll have a talk with Tazo before hand.

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    I will try to show up... if I do I will even join you guys at the nudie bar also maybe even get a dance

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    Memorial Day is an American Holiday

    Memorial Day is an American Holiday. The week earlier is the Victoria Day weekend.

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    I will try to be there for both days but too early to tell at this point.

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    Well this is certainly interesting. Have you guys done this before? It sounds like you have from the replies... What's the average age? It's definitely not a thought I'd normally entertain, but hey, while I'm trying new things, I'll definitely keep it up for consideration.

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    Why not !

    This is all new to me too.

    Wow, putting a face on all those posts, ... interesting.

    If my schedule permits, I'll make it.

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    If you show up and go to the nudie bar with us, I will buy you 2 dances for you

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