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Thread: Bumping into someone you know

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    Bumping into someone you know

    Hey everybody,

    I keep wondering when the day will arrive that I bump into someone I know at an MP. Be it one of the girls or one of the customers. I can't imagine how I would react. I guess it would depend on who it would be.

    I do interviews when we hire new people where I work. I had a nightmare once when one of the candidates turns out to be a SP that I've been with, and she uses it against me. I can also turn that into a fantasy by telling her she's got to gimme the goods or else.

    Has anyone out there ever bumped into someone they know while looking for a good time ? I want some details.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gambling Fool
    I can also turn that into a fantasy by telling her she's got to gimme the goods or else.
    Is it not that way we can get a better job?

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    I generally play stupid and pretend thay I have no clue who they are. No point in me bringing down somebody else or making them uncomfortable, or whatever.
    As for using it against me... it is hard to blackmail somebody who does not hide their past. I figure it will eventually be found out so I am up front about what I do to all that know me. But that is just me...

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    What Will I Do If I Bumped Into An SP I Know?

    Mr. Gambling Fool, my Good Sir:

    I will have to imitate the other king called Elvis and sing:

    Love me tender,
    Love me Sweet,
    Never let me go.
    You have made my life complete,
    And I love you so....

    All Sps I know are goddesses.
    Since this SP I bump into is the one I know.
    She is a goddess.
    Of course, goddesses are very beautiful in my book of aesthetics.
    No wonder I can't help but sing...

    On the other hand, if my friend the other Elvis, the Montreal King, wants to sing a tune or two, I shall let him sing while I swing with my beautiful babe.

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    Bumping into a SP you know is not a big problem.

    Bumping into your brother-in-law when going out of an MP or an incall room ... That's what I call a real problem.


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    Had an SP with me one night and got on the elevator and one of my customers gets on with us. Introduced her as a business associate form CA and I think he accepted that. We still do business.

    Initially it was a bit frightening but I was quick to react and she picked up on it rwal quick and was great at playing the roll. You want to make sure you date the bright ones and the conservatively dressed.
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    use my trick (I haven't actually used once yet) that tell them she is an old school friend (if she is about the same age).
    if she is younger than you then tell them she is your friend's sister showing the aparment building (she is looking for an apartment), showing her the work area (she is looking for a summer job), showing her Montreal (she is from Toronto and don't know anything about Montreal and your friend is joining you a little later).

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    It was one of her friends we bumped into.

    I was once with an SP, and it was one of her friends (from her school days) we bumped into. I am pretty sure her friend didn't know that she was in the BIZ. We made small talk, and I could see that the SPs friend was impressed by the way she was winking and bumping into the SP when they thought I was not looking.

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    Thanks for the stories guys and gal.

    Good stuff Orallover, I'll keep those in mind.

    Elvis, I agree with you the most, I guess that's why you're the king.

    NaughtyLady, it's good to have your point of vue. That's what makes this board interesting. I'll have to meet you one of these days.

    Louisisgreat, what can I say ... "money for nothing and your chicks for free" ... I'm not at the right place for those lyrics ... I'll leave the singing to you.

    If there are more out there, keep them coming.

    Gambling Fool
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