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Thread: Bukake?

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    There is a girl that place a post on TERB inviting guys to join her in a Hotel room for BUKAKE! Her sugested donation is $100. a head (no pun intended) Any takers from Montreal?

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    it's one thing to see my junior expressing himself but it is completely different thing to see someone else's junior doing that.
    I pass on this.

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    Quote Originally Posted by porn2bwild
    I know there's this black girl that organizes bukkake once in a while. However, I've never participated. I'm a member of her MSN group, but I've never met her. I received an e-mail from the MSN group stating there was a bukkake planned for april 18th...

    De : KaramelKutie83 (Message d'origine) Envoyé : 2005-04-02 17:00
    there will be another group session probably monday april 18th so please email [email protected] for futher details asap to reserve a spot

    Here's her contact info from the Montreal Spreadsheet

    Karamel Kutie
    $150/hr, outcall, [email protected],
    Black, 20 yr, 5'3, 130 lb, 38dd-28-38, no-kiss, daty, cbj, “toys, role-play”
    No BJ?? looks more like a circle jerk than a bukkake. I guess im more into the american version of bukkakes rather than the traditional japanese bukkakes

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    The difference between the traditional Japanese bukkake and American is the element of degradation which is essential to the Japanese version but not the American which really evolved out of porn films. The Japanese bukkake is an actual cultural and historical tradition based on punishing a woman for an extramarital affair. The American bukkake recipient does not get degraded but rather receives a joyful semen bath.

    There is now a European style bukkake which involves penetration in another orifice and then sequential ejaculation. It is sort of like "synchronized ejaculation" where the bukkake is done in rotation as each male rotates from penetrating an orifice and then ejaculating in turn. The timing is essential as each male in turn penetrates, withdraws and ejaculates in succession.

    BTW Orallover I am with you on this, I am very uncomfortable with any sex act involving the presence of another male and could never participate in this activity.
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    It is sort of like "synchronized ejaculation
    ROFLMAO! That is an event I would by tickets to watch!

    They will forget what you said,
    they will forget what you did,
    but they will never forget the way you made them feel.

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    The slut has enrolled in the april 18 session.The info he received after registering described the event as a gang-bang lasting 60 mins. followed by a bukkake.It will take place in a yet to be announced hotel room.The problem is they only have 3 other participants,for a respectable bukkake it would be nice to have more.The contact e-mail listed above is correct.The more the merrier.

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    Bukkake invention of a pornographer!

    I will bet you the term Bukkake did not exist before the first movie of the same tittle came out. This activity was invented so the a pornographer could make a video about 500 guys ejaculating on a girls face.

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    Japanese bukkake existed centuries before the advent of film and video. You are correct about American bukkake.

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    thanks for the info.
    my lunch is now all over my montior instead of staying inside of my stomach

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