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    I will be going to Chicotimi in two weeks, and would like to know if someone knows good outcall place in Chicoutimi. I know a couple of FS clubs but I'm more looking for an outcall. Also do you know how much $.


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    chicoutumi? wait anoht 2 months so that roads are open.. I think they are still blocked by snow.
    I would be surprised if there is any SPs there.. it is far out and I think too small area for anyone to work as a SP?

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    15 years ago? I don't think things would be that different.
    only thing different might be that instead of those girls from 15 years ago, now their daughters are avaialble. *I mean daughters of girls from 20 years ago*

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    Dee, Auberge des Gouverneurs is now closed. The place to go is l'Eclipse the disco of Hôtel le Montagnais, especially on Thursday nigh. Of course, as P2bw says, its better if you have age, look and French for you.
    For those who don't have age and look for them (like me) I am disappointd that nobody replied to the original Goglu question. Many ads in the local newspaper for MP and SP but I didn't try any yet. Someone did?

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    I was ther today and no action at the Eclipse from Monday to Wensday
    3 girls at the bar with 7 guys standing around

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    Chickcoutumi should be a chick place?

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