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Thread: If you live in or near West Palm beach...

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    If you live in or near West Palm beach...

    Casting Call: (West Palm Beach, Florida)

    If you are interested in any of these parts email me

    We will be auditioning for two productions:

    "xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx" - an MTV-style parody music video (NOT PORN):

    Date: April 26-28
    3-5 hot country babes
    several fans
    limo driver
    3 sexy female model types
    5 cheerleaders
    Studly Dude
    Bar Babe
    3-5 beer drinking guys
    club owner

    Talent must be 18+
    most talent will be needed for only a few hours on one of those days. No pay
    but great experience as well as mainstream exposure.


    "Doors" - an R-rated erotic thriller. An exotic dancer commits suicide to
    discover that death provides no escape from the horrors that tormented her
    in life. Some roles require brief nudity:

    Rachel 18-25, exotic dancer
    Kiki 18-25, exotic dancer
    Star 18-25, exotic dancer

    John 25-35, handsome lawyer
    Ray mid 30's, club owner
    Jared 25-30, film director
    Edward 55+, wealthy club patron
    Dark Man aka Death; ominous, foreboding
    Richard mid-50's, pawn shop owner

    Plus a variety of supporting roles & extras, many of which have speaking
    parts. Talent must be 18+; shooting May 9-29; cast paid on a partially
    deferred basis.

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