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Thread: I caught a STD from a SP working at

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    Thumbs down I caught a STD from a SP working at

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    Hello snappy,

    Unless a client can prove beyond a doubt exactly who he contracted a STD from, there is no possibility of the suspicion or accusation being posted on MERB. The only proof that is acceptable are the medical test results and proof of identity to go with them. I seriously doubt that anyone is ready to provide such results to the moderators or that they are able to obtain the required test results of the lady they claim as the source of the infection.

    If anyone suspects a particular escort to be the source of a STD, they should contact the agency or the independent concerned and the moderators. Random accusations of this type are not permitted and will lead to instant removal when discovered and a long, possible permanent, ban.

    Thread closed and i will remove it later on. Please, contact one of the mods with the proofs mentionned above if you want to do such accusations.

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