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Thread: Souvenirs from the past

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    Souvenirs from the past

    I am giving you all,

    the opportunity to relax and feel "zen"...

    My favorite animal among all animal: the wolf.

    The beautiful image of BBC on white Falcon and White Wolf.

    This is the kind of little film I learned to watch along all my early years:


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    Watched a little bit. Will watch more later when I have the time.

    I didn't even know there was such a thing as a White Gyrfalcon.

    For some reason I've always liked white animals (Polar Bears, Snowy Owls, White Wolves, White Squirrels, etc.) and now I can add White Gyrfalcons to the list.

    Does anyone else have an penchant for white animals or is it just me?
    Maybe it's because they look so clean and serene or somehow they seem more "pure".
    Or maybe it's because so many white animals are found right here in Canada (we've got a huge chunk of the Arctic Circle and white animals are usually found in cold areas where their pelts help them blend in).
    Don't really know why.

    Maybe someone can add their own thoughts on the matter.

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