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Thread: Go Alouettes go!

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    Lily from Montreal

    Go Alouettes go!

    Sometime all stars are aligned, it can be for a meeting with friends but today it is for serious matter; football lol, isn't the weather perfect for a football finale? I will be at the stadium today, hopefully my Alouettes will far my stats are good: they won all the times i go see them so....

    Last time i went it was so funny because I admit I had had a tiny night because of I cameback home very late, or early depending of how you look at it loll so here I am watching the game sitting next to a gang of about 8 young guys consumming a staggerring amount of beer,at one point the prtty boy next to me came back from his refuelling mission with onebeer too many...he laughed and offerd it to me...hum...I am not much of a beer drinker but he was too cute... You knew having a beer is good to cure a slight hangover? Well I found out that day loll
    And yes we won...

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    Great win by the Toronto Argonauts!!!!!!!!!!

    Next week's Grey Cup party in Toronto should be fantastic!!!!!! I can't wait!!!!!!

    Go Argos!!!!!!!

    (Now i know what Bryan Burke & Milos Raonic were doing in Mtl this weekend.....they are big Argos fans!)

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    Lily from Montreal
    Snif...I lost but it was a great day ,it is always impressive to be in the midst of 50 000 screaming persons...
    Next week will be Grey cup party: no food that is not junk is allowed loll and it is great that the Argonauts gets to play at home, it will be crazy!

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