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Thread: insomnia

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    Any other sufferers?

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    I'd suggest reading MERB's competitors but, while it's boring over there, there's not enough posts to put you to sleep so, it's not a good idea.

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    Now I'm just super annoyed.

    Just saw a girl from an agency I thought was reputable... to cure my insomnia (my regular agency was closed today). At my home, because I was feeling lazy. This is actually the first time I had an SP over to my home... I started a thread about that last year and finally worked up the nerve. She was a nice girl, but seriously she's gained 20 or 30lbs since her picture was taken. The picture probably was her, but it didn't look like her. And it's not like the ravages of old age... she's only 20. I should have turned her away, but the booker assured me I wouldn't be disappointed. Not even one SOG, because she clearly wasn't into it. And then like... ugh. 3 or 4 rant-worthy things (like I paid extra for GFE and she didn't want to kiss me). Because the agency knows where I live gonna wait a bit before writing a negative review. But seriously.

    Debating calling someone else if there's still time just to get a good experience tonight.


    I feel like homer simpson at the all-you-can-eat buffet.

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    No reviews in lounge and no reviews who don't identify the girl's "working" identity please.


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