Not sure if any of you know about this board but nothing but shills, good chance it is run by SP`s. After each review ( never negative about advertisers but BP gets bashed ) the SP/MP responds and everyone high fives each other, even other SP`s get in on the thread and say how special the SP is. I went to a MP ( saw some good reviews about her ) and got an OK massage with perhaps the worst mechanical HJ ever, no eye contact just stood there naked and told me I could only touch her breast and she looked straight ahead and started tugging, I posted my thoughts about the poor service and high prices ( $160.00 for 1/2 hr, $120.00 if she kept her clothes on ). A couple of other posters came on board with what I was saying and a few were saying she was great. Then ( Real Barbie ) came on the thread, says she remembers me as arriving drunk, hurt her with DIGITS ( never touched or seen her pussy ) and I was just getting revenge for not getting FS. ALL TOTAL BULLSHIT. I replied no you have the wrong person I described the 1/2 hr session and the denomations I put on the table plus day and time, then she sends some rude comments like she is going to squirt in my eyes and up the nose etc. Meanwhile I am getting PM`s from member to let it go or other escorts will not see me ( most of the escorts in Calgary require a CAF handle so the SP/MP can see how you review people, no handle no visits ). One member said that Barbie was trying to ruin him on the board so I checked Barbie out on her past posts, what a rude bitch to anyone who gives a bad review. I made a comment about Barbie is fucked up and my thread got closed. I started a new thread about how the pooners ( what thye hobbiest in Calgary like to call themselves ) are being run by the SP`s and the CAF board should be called the SP gratification board and that Barbie should have been banned for her false comments, mentioned that I would not be suprised that the board MODs were not SP/MP`s themselves.... WTF now I am banned for 1 month. Never ever seen a board like that complete BS, I met another SP who was described as `` Super hot `` by many people and she was a 6 in looks, here she would not get the reviews she is getting there.
Anyways, if you ever go out west bypass the CAF reviews, Shills............... Just to add. One thread was started to see if it was OK for the SP`s to raise their rates and many replied yes, the cost of living is going up so why not ( you are looking at $280.00 per/hr with NO that is an extra $100.00 with the ones who do it ). Thread must have beed started by a SP... All advertisers are indys.