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Thread: Happy New Year

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    Smile Happy New Year

    I take this opprtunity to wish everyone a very happy safe joyful and prosperous 2013.and please remember if you drink don't not worth the risk.and my personal thank to Merb is been wonderful to to protect the members the agencies and sp's.
    I wish all the best and see you next year.

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    To all Dont waste time or put off pleasures until tomorrow if you enjoy it today you can repeat again tomorrow. Start the New year as happy as you can.

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    Thank you Arizona to had started this thread.

    I am taking the opportunity to wish you all, without any exceptions, to spend the most fabulous end of a year & beginning of a New Year possible. I think we are all deserving to just be happy during that time, serious affairs could wait tomorrow to happen... (Like the USA budget, who make me feel some insecurity... But I'm wanting to just live 1 day at a time, for today, so... I'm concentrating myself on the pleasures to live until then...)

    So, be good & if possible be really good at to be bad. Today, tomorrow can wait its turn. :-)

    I'm so blessed to be able to meet fantastic people along my path.
    Thank you to all who make my life worth to live.

    Kiss you & hug you & wish you all the best for 2013


    Divina xox

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    thank you Maria Divina and jnutz..wish you all the best of 2013.

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    Happy new year everyone.

    Is there any place here Montreal where we can have fun on new year night with girls ? In Europe I always had so much fun can almost kiss any girls, they were so open minded My first new year here in Montreal so if anyone can advise any place ?


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    Happy New Year everyone. Have a great evening and Best wishes in 2013!

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    Lily from Montreal
    Happy new year to all my friends!
    Be good...or no, but have fun! xxxx

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    On behalf of all the moderators, I would like to wish all MERB members and advertisers a very Happy New Year. Thank you for your contributions to MERB in 2012.

    Be safe tonight and let's look forward to a happy, healthy and prosperous 2013!

    Sincere and warm regards from all of us.

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    Kansas Frank
    Happy New Year to everyone. May 2013 bring better everything for all of us. I wish I were in Montreal to usher in the New Year! Instead, me and 315 million other Americans are about to fall off the GREAT FISCAL CLIFF!

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    Je vous souhaites à tous une merveilleuse année 2013 en santé.

    All the best to my fellow merbists and to all SPs !

    Longue vie à Merb!

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    Bonjour à tous

    Bonne année à toutes les belles dames de Montréal, et tous les bons membres de Merb. Tous mes meilleurs voeux à vous tous.

    Longue vie et bonheur,

    Greetings all,

    Happy New Year to all the beautiful ladies of Montreal, and all the good members of Merb. All of my best wishes to all of you.

    Long life and happiness,


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    Happy new year to all the Merb mods and to everyone !!
    "Oh, so they have internet on computers now!" - Homer J.

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    Happy New Year to each and everyone. May the new year be prosperous, healthy, and happy to all.
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    Frohe New Años to the ladies who make it worth having another year, and to every members, big or small, including Mods of all numbers.
    “Truth, Justice, Freedom, Reasonably Priced Love.”

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    Happy New Year 2013! May the lord take a liking to you and blow you up real good!
    Making hot sweet love to all your beautiful women

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