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Thread: MGF Montrealgirlfriend website problems (Online booking)

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    MGF Montrealgirlfriend website problems (Online booking)

    Is it just me or is anyone else having extreme difficulty with the online booking system on the MGF website?

    I have been trying Safari (mac), Google Chrome (Mac), Internet explorer (Windows), And my iphone and ipad and The pages load with extra headers in the wrong place and the calendars hidden. I cant believe that on 5 different browsers that I cant get into their online booking system

    Anyone else having the same problem....or perhaps success?

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    You are much better off through e-mail as the response is pretty prompt. Booking thru the site can be a hassle. There were times I end up triple booking the same time. Plus now they also have a phone number which also helps a lot.

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    They are gone?

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    Quote Originally Posted by denick2nd View Post
    They are gone?
    Nope... site is still up and working
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    Which site are you referring to?

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    Are you referring to our online booking?
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    It would be useful if the OP (foxwilly) was clearer about which agency he's making reference to:

    MontrealGirlfriend, which I believe is now defunct:

    One of their ads here:



    MTLGFE has never had anything to do with MontrealGirlfriend, and shouldn't be confused with it.

    If the OP is making reference to MTLGFE, the online booking form works fine for me with Chrome (Windows) and Firefox (Windows).

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    MGF is not gone. It is still around. What is done is that the girls have their own sites where Tasha is handling the emails. This is one of them. Unless this is old news already and they discarded this idea and went back with a one stop shop website.

    Honestly I don't know what on earth the powers that be over there are doing but it is not the glory they had years ago. It was such an amazing agency when it was the stand alone Independent Network with Alexandra as the "sole proprietor" running the show. That merger with another agency in the end of 2004 really caused things to go downhill slowly throughout these years.

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