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Thread: GFE of THE YEAR: 2012

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    GFE of THE YEAR: 2012

    Hello everyone, since no one has gone ahead and done this yet, I wil take it upon myself to do so. I will be starting a GFE of the year poll, which would cover 2012.

    Firstly, we will have to get a list of the top 10 candidates for members to vote upon. To do this, I ask all of you to:

    Provide your top 3 picks for SPs that gave you the best GFE service in 2012

    Please Note

    1. You may discuss honorable mentions or other candidates, but please mark clearly, which 3 SPs you are giving your official vote to for GFE of the year, 2012. If you only wish to vote for 1 or 2 girls, that is fine.

    2. Make sure that the girl(s) you are voting for is for a session that you had within the year of 2012. Not meetings from prior years.

    3. Also, votes can only be made for SPs who are still active as of today. No MPs or mention of massage parlours are permitted.

    I encourage all of you who had a memorable experience in 2012 to participate, whether you reviewed your session or not. To state the obvious; the girls are who make this hobby possible. They are everything and the only thing, when it comes down to it. Without them, none of our great moments and memories, partaking in this hobby, would exist. I really think it is important to recognize those who gave us our best moments and experiences during the past year. They deserve a lot of appreciation and gratitude for the great GFE service they gave to us all. If you think about it, is there a greater gift? I will be placing my own votes soon.

    **This thread will close on January 28th, 6:00PM. The top 10 vote getters will then be listed in a GFE of the year, 2012 poll. Members will place their votes and the winner will be declared on February 14th (Valentine's Day)

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    1: bianka ex eleganza ex....
    2: Natalia at delights
    3: Asia at delights
    4: Claudia ex delights. She's at Ferrari now but I don't like that agency
    5: Erika at xxtase

    Those where my favs from 2012 pretty much in that order
    Honourable mention to Julia at xxtase I don't think I saw her this year but she's still working and we really get along

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    1- molly mtl gfe
    2- maxime satin dreamz

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    Thank you for starting the poll.

    I nominate 2 independants:

    1-Tingting, so nice I've been seeing regularly all year. A four-season springtime.

    2-Maria Divina, I had the chance to meet just before the Christmas holidays.

    3-I only have 2 so I'll nominate Tingting again.
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    I second the nomination for Maria Divina.

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    I nomminate my two favorites

    Maxime (Indy)
    Naomie MSC
    Et je l'écoute (Joël Bouchard) toujours jusqu'à la fin de son laïus parce que je suis convaincu qu'un jour, il va terminer en nous offrant des voitures usagées à des prix INCROYABLES!

    -Ronald King

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    1. Molly (mtlgfe) — Unsurpassed passionate service and great conversation. My Berkeley Hippie past is a near-perfect match with her sensitivities/attitudes. Provides great restaurant recommendations.
    2. Naomie (MSC) — A close second. Probably the best cowgirl I've ever experienced. Always very fashionably dressed, love her accent, nice spinner/MILF body.
    3. Lindsay (MSC) — Passionate GFE/PSE service and a world-class ass. She's very low-key/unassuming until the action start, then WOW.

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    These are my 3 picks for GFE of the Year 2012:

    1) Oceanne (MTLGFE) aka Sunny (ex-Eleganza, ex-Angel Escorts)
    2) Bianka (Delight Escorts)
    3) Vivienne (MSC) aka Jenna (ex-MTLGFE)

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    My nominations for 2012, in no particular order are...

    1. Vivienne @ MSC
    2. Molly @MTLGFE
    3. Daryn @ Eleganza

    ...and thank you ladies for three memorable experiences!

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    My 3 nominations are:

    1. Candy @ MSC
    2. Hilary @ MSC
    3. Molly @ MTLGFE

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    My best GFE experience of 2012

    1 - The famous Jasmine
    Unfortunately she was available maybe only 10 days during the year 2012 but I had the chance to meet her in August and I got the same extraordinary experience I got with her in 2010
    (dommage qu'elle ne soit pas disponible plus souvent)

    2 - Naomie de MSC
    Decouvert à la toute fin de 2010 en décembre, ce fut la seule que j'ai vu en 2011 et mon choix sur MERB pour la top GFE 2011. Vu malheureusement que 2 fois en 2012, j'espère me reprendre en 2013 et la voir plus souvent.

    3 - Marilyn Minx
    Ma #1 GFE de 2010, rencontrer une dizaine de fois en 2010 (avant de connaître Naomie). Pas vu en 2011 (petite chicane). Revu en 2012 et expérience aussi mémorable qu'en 2010 quand je la considérais la Top

    Pour 2013, je vais sauter sur chacune des rares occasion de revoir Jasmine

    Et bien sur Naomie et Marilyn Minx seront aussi dans ma ligne de mire.

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    Hello ManApart,

    1. Elena. The sweetest treasure. I'm not sure how you classify her as agency lady or Independent, but here she is.

    2. Tabatha of Angel Escorts. Pure numbing erotica.

    3. Thalia of Montreal Sex City. All HOT doll.

    Best Regards,


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    4 letters......... K A T E (goodgirls) = GFE Personified

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    I'm glad you had a good time with her iggy, she's a sweetheart, I think that a repeat date is in order.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lgna69xxx View Post
    4 letters......... K A T E (goodgirls) = GFE Personified
    Kate is my current ATF!! Kate is right behind the original Gianna of eleganza who remains my past ATF!!

    I will post my top 3 gfe of 2012 in the next few days.


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