Itís a fact, you know men from Toronto just adore women from Montreal, they are very much in high demand, even in the slow season. Travel to Toronto, earn some serious $$$ in a comfortable setting, and go back to Montreal wealthier and wiser.

Let us provide a positive environment for you to work and earn money. We are Top Drawer Ladies, a well-respected agency with top-class marketing and luxury locations in downtown Toronto. We provide a positive working environment for our escorts and we attract good well-to-do upscale clients with our classy marketing.

We are the leaders in Video Production and you are more than welcome to browse our website and review our work under the escort profiles.

- We will handle your marketing
- We will take your photos and video
- We will manage your bookings and scheduling
- We will provide you a luxury accommodation so you have a place to sleep during your stay
- You will earn $150 for an hour appointment, how much you earn is up to you

You are welcome to speak to any of our ladies to confirm our style of management and performance.

We are looking for ladies who are:

- 18 years or more in age (Photo Identification Required)
- Considered attractive and stylish
- Friendly, attentive to men, and enjoys what they do
- Punctual and good time-managers
- Substance abuse-free
- Not necessarily experience

Students are always welcome, if you are interested to travel to Toronto, contact us at 647-762-4524 or email us at [email protected].

Please send 2 photos and a description of your experience, as well as when you wanted to travel and for how long.

We are also happy to answer any questions you may have.