View Poll Results: Which Agency served you best in 2012?

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  • Angel Escorts

    2 1.23%
  • Devilish/Girls on Fire

    2 1.23%
  • Eleganza

    11 6.79%
  • Nadya's VIPs

    7 4.32%
  • GoodGirls

    21 12.96%
  • XXXtase/Delight Escorts

    46 28.40%

    22 13.58%
  • Montreal Sex City

    38 23.46%
  • Satin Dreamz

    1 0.62%
  • Asservissante

    12 7.41%
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Thread: AGENCY of THE YEAR: 2012

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    Congratulations!! Co-winners for 2012 agency of the year

    *** Xxxtase/Delight Escorts & Montreal Sex City***

    The votes have been counted and the results are in. I first want to thank everyone for participating. The final turnout was quite good compared to other years. There were numerous votes that could not be counted. There were two reasons for this,

    1. The member who voted registered after Dec. 31st, 2012
    2. The member who voted did not have any prior reviews in 2012 or before.

    Even with the disqualifications there were still over 100 good votes in total.

    With 1 vote separating the top 2 agencies I can't in good faith declare one winner over the other, taking into consideration all the disqualified votes. Surely some of those disqualified members were legitimate hobbyists who just happened to have never reviewed for whatever reason. This is not a scientific poll, but I am very satisfied with the voting and results. I think it is as legitimate as was possible on MERB. XXXtase/Delight and Montreal Sex City certainly got far and away the most support and it was close from day one. They both deserve to be Co-winners. So congratulations to them! You are certainly doing something right. Congrats also to the 3rd place finisher GoodGirls.

    All these agencies do a great job In my opinion and we are very lucky to have so many options to go to.

    The results are as follows. Members names in green were counted votes, members names in red were disqulaified votes for the reasons I mentioned above.

    1st place (tied) XXXtase/Delight Escorts

    alainrdl, alarmon, anon_vlad, Apprenti, big guy, BIG M, Chris p cream, coach69, Jerry_Lou, John_96, KoolAidMan, Marsouin, MG_mtl, montreal_monk01, Mtlguy78, nightcrawler, p90sert, phoenixdawn, reverdy, samsara, Smartnsexy, sugarbear1966, sweetwater, TheHeat, treebeard, vodka236, wimbledon

    Total: 27 Good votes

    11001588, celou7707, dicktracy, dimitrill, doodoocake, dry6469, jnutz, john77721, latinoguy, Majestic, moi123, Montrealheaven, Nakata, Off-Road, shyguy1984, The flower, Vadoc, waswarrior, zak100

    1st place (tied) Montreal Sex City

    alden, anaconda, azzurra, b2bw, Bespoke, Cat Daddy, Conan, ezekiel, future canadian, G1GBallday, jonny71, jsn4404, Justforfun, Left Coast, louis007, luv2kayak, mike279, minotaur4u, montrealrez, protagoras, Robin, tangoman000, Touch, Vercingentorix, Wallseye, womanise

    Total: 26 Good votes

    Born2fly, cheezer, jjjames, lafayette, lee69, Martin07, maverickjoe, Olive, orgone, SirHumperDink, Snowsunman, Wholetthedogsout

    3rd place GoodGirls

    cameo, cloudsurf, Doc Holliday, Ilovgirls, Joe.t, Kasey Jones, Igna69xxx, Madbro, ManApart, Parkyboy, pat69, Sab0t8ge, Special K, the infamous, UncleBob

    Total: 15 Good Votes

    david8269, HNLLIVE, kris96, Mook45, peeterbilt, Serps

    4th MTLGFE

    chateaulafite, feelsgoodhuh, HeresJohnny, HOT4U, ishmar, muffinbuffer, peacemaker88, Rich Gear, rumpleforeskiin, rumraycer, simonpaul, virtuoso200, yves3061

    Total: 13 Good Votes

    dhenford, driverdon, Jbaker, jtsc86, mikebren, nperron, Okupied, Skully, Wwb

    5th Asserissante

    anonguy, bigjean, easyguy, greygoose, Hypocycloid, Mr First, Randy Johnson, Rusty Staub, suikoden_45

    Total: 9 Good Votes

    David76, Iznogoud, smith

    6th Eleganza

    hungry101, lodixx, Maddogwill, metaeros, quest, smoothmario, thegreatwalooo

    Total: 7 Good Votes

    CuriousGem, maximus20122012, montrealfan8, mpfan2,

    7th Nadya's VIPs

    ajf2227, Batista Mason, BMW007, brute, Rhaps

    Total: 5 Good Votes

    Diningatthey, KarineDucharme80

    8th (Tied) Angel Escorts


    Total: 1 Good Vote


    8th (Tied) Devilish/Girls on Fire


    Total: 1 Good Vote


    8th (Tied) Satin Dreamz


    Total: 1 Good vote

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    Good poll and congrats to the winners, thanks as well for your efforts ManApart.

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    Fuck, I feel bad missing this! Especially since it's the first time for me, that I agree with the popular vote of the top 2-3 agencies. All other years were a head-scratcher for me. lol

    Congrats to Xxtase/Delight, my choice for 2012...which is really in this case, no disrespect to Steve and Martin...a big salute to Frank.

    But wow, coupled with MSC and GG...we got it right merb!

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    CONGRATS to Montreal Xxxtase and Montreal Sex City on their great showing in this definitive poll. Both have been big favorites of mine.

    Many thanks to ManApart for all his time and effort to make a fully credible result.



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    im wondering how come guy who has been customer with us for many year as John 77721 , Majesctic have been elimaned from the pool ? ou get off 18 name without explication ?

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    Hello Hello !

    Montreal Sex City Agency wish to thank you all for this result.
    We have been second for the third year behind different teams
    and we are very happy with it without mentioning that we will keep
    on working hard to try to grab that first position next time.

    I wish to thank particularely each member of this team for making this
    as easy as possible to manage. Serious drivers, reliable ladies and both for
    their amazing personalities to endure every little strict recommendations for
    all of this to work correctly.

    Thanks to all again, wishing you a great day !


    L’Agence Montréal Sex City souhaite vous remercier pour ce résultat.
    Nous sommes 2ième pour la 3ième année de suite devant des équipes
    différentes et sommes vraiment contents de ce résultat sans oublier de
    mentionner que nous allons continuer de travailler très fort afin de tenter
    de prendre peut-être cette 1ière position la prochaine fois.

    Je tiens a remercier particulièrement chaque membre de cette équipe qui permettent de
    rendre ce travail aussi facile que possible a organiser. Des chauffeurs sérieux, des demoiselles
    fiables et, pour tous, leur bon caractère qui endure chacunes des recommendations par toujours
    faciles afin de faire en sorte que tout fonctionne correctement.

    Merci a tous et je vous souhaite une bonne journée !

    ★ Miss Jessy & The Classy, Pretty & Sexy Ladies! ¤ ¤ Twitter
    MSC's Reputation since 2007: Agency ¤ GFE ¤ Owner ¤ Bookers
    Portfolio ¤ Schedule ¤ Booking ¤ Hiring
    514-234-1286 Thanks! Merci!

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    Hi Martin

    Post #29 by Mod 8 in this thread.
    Quote Originally Posted by Mod 8
    Hello everyone,

    To be eligible in any such poll, a member must have posted at least one review in the past year for the agency or provider they are voting for.
    This is the only way moderators can ensure the vote relates to an encounter that occurred in 2012.

    "John 77721"'s latest review was "09-11-2012, 09:52 PM" and not about a girl from your agency. His latest review for your agency is "03-17-2007, 05:37 PM".

    Last edited by Mod 11; 02-06-2013 at 03:21 PM.

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    Hello everyone,

    Delight Escorts / Montreal XXXATASE would like to thank the 44 guy's who took the time and voted for us and to all our clients
    Everyday that we open our only goal is to be your #1 GFE agency. Thanks to our 25 great ladies that work
    with us making Delight / XXXTASE #1 GFE AGENCY for 2012.

    We welcome everyone's comments and feedback to help us make 2013 out best year ever

    Steve, Franky and Martin

    Montreal XxXtase & Delight Escorts MERB 2012 GFE agency of the year winner
    Last edited by Delight Escorts; 02-06-2013 at 11:21 PM.

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    Glad to see MSC do well. Never got around to posting a review back in 2012 and by the time this poll came around it was too late. Oh well, maybe next year. Huge props to MSC due to their attention to detail in pre booking and Jessys pleasant demeanor.

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    Surprised that Nadya's had such a low score. I have used this forum in the past and will continue to use it. Thanks to Manapart for the time and effort to compile this very useful information.

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    Congratulations to the two co-winners, Montreal Sex City and Xxxtase. I had the pleasure of seeing several of Jessy's ladies this past year, and MSC's place in the poll is well deserved. I wasn't able to see any of Xxxtase's girls last year, but I will be correcting that error this year. Keep up the good work Jessy and Martin.

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