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Thread: *Camille Haring, new schedule coming soon!!**Book Fast!

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    *Camille Haring, new schedule coming soon!!**Book Fast!

    Enter My World Of Lust and Softness!
    (Français plus bas)
    Are you looking to simply enjoy a good moment with a soft and playful lady?

    Then I'm the one for you, the one you'll like to laugh with.
    The sweetness of my smile and the sparkle of my kinky eyes will forever sweeten your nightly dreams,
    because we we'll have taken the time to discover those exquisite spots that blow the mind,
    those hot spots that we will share and enjoy

    If you want to have a little fun with a simple girl that will really listen and won't judge,
    Then you'll want me.
    Let the sound of my whispers in your ears transport you to an other world.
    Let my hot breath on your neck melt you.
    Let my soft and gentle hands run across your body at will,
    So you can enjoy each millimeter of your skin like never before.


    Online at the, at the right of the screen.

    Note that this schedule changes a lot, so just ask if you are curious! I also do outcall in downtown Montreal.

    Cost per session depends on the type of meeting.

    Meet me for that awesome moment where nothing else will matter...

    Sweet Kisses,

    Email: [email protected]

    Vos sens pétilleront de plaisirs!

    Je suis Québécoise, francophone bien que je me débrouille an anglais.
    Du haut de mes 5'7", je trouverai toujours moyen de vous mettre à votre aise,
    De vous faire sentir comme chez vous.
    Vous pourrez voir que ce qui m'anime le plus est la passion, l'amour et le plaisir.

    Frivole et excentrique, j'ai le rire facile.
    Je serai votre muse, votre confidente,
    Je vous accompagnerai dans votre jardin secret,
    Cet univers essentiel à l'épanouissement de chacun.

    J'adore plaire et faire plaisir,
    Vous faire frissonner en passant ma mains dans vos cheveux...
    Je suis chasseuse de frissons,
    Les vrais, ceux qui nous prennent au ventre pour faire pétiller tous nos sens.

    Je suis tatouée et percé, simplement un accessoire au plaisir, à notre passion.


    En ligne au, dans la barre de doite.

    Notes que cet horaire est plus que propice au changements, donc demande si un moment qui te conviendrais n'y est pas. Je me déplace aussi au centre-ville de Montréal.

    Le coût par session dépend du type de séance.

    Tendres baiser,

    Courriel: [email protected]
    Site web:

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    For all of you guys wonderring when I could be available during daytime, this is your lucky day!
    Upon 25th of January, feel free to propose day and time for our next meeting
    Camille H.
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    Good evening!

    Hello gentlemens!
    Hope the day went as you wish, and even better, who knows!
    Don't forget to go check out my website at the so you can see all the pictures!! Also, my ''as up to date as it could be'' schedule is online! Don't forget that the bleu boxes are my availabilities, even if its written busy on them.
    Just send me an email whit the date and time you want to meet

    Sweet kiss,
    Camille H.

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