We are a young agency with upscale clientele growing rapidly in the downtown Toronto core and are inviting young ladies to travel to Toronto for a working vacation. There is no question that girls from Montreal are sexy, hot, and in great demand. We would love to treat our clientele with some of your french flavor as well as help you make the $$$ you deserve.

The benefits!

-You will reside in an upscale condo downtown Toronto with Room/Board for free!
-Working in an agency with a positive female-run working environment
-We will help optimize your schedule
-You'll receive a photo shoot and music video shoot (We are the leaders in Escort Music Video productions)
-You will be advertised on all major Toronto Escort websites
-Experience upscale Toronto clientele
-Tour the big city!

See some of our video's:

Vanessa's Video
Dallis's Deep throat Tease Video
Starla's Video

We would be more than happy to answer any questions or inquires. We are a friendly team who aims to make all parties feel comfortable. Hope to hear from you.

Contact Liz or Don via email or phone

[email protected]