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Thread: Predictions for 2013

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    Predictions for 2013

    So what are your prognostications for this year?

    My predictions:
    Gold under $1500 US
    A completely normal, ordinary pre global warming weather pattern.
    Subway introduces a tofu sub
    A new Marijuana harvester program at a Seattle community college
    Spain splits in two.
    Cher gets a reality TV show.
    A royal baby girl is born who even as a female is first in line in her generation for the throne as new ascendency rules are drafted.
    Grey finally becomes "ugly" as a color on north american automobiles
    Judge Judy and Dr. Phil found to be a high school dropout
    Newspapers make a comeback
    Golf industry tanks
    Molson gets swallowed up by Red Bull who continue on towards world domination.

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    habs win the cup

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