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Thread: Condom provided by sp

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    Question Condom provided by sp

    Hey guys I have a question. When I meet an sp whether in or out she almost always provides the condom.If it does not cover all the penis is there danger of transmission at the base of the penis.I am including a pic to show you what I mean.

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    Use your own!
    Sometimes girls provides very bad quality condom, I suggest mine and I never had problems, girls was cool.

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    no. as long as the head is covered, you're good to go. the only thing i can think of off not having a fully covered penis is if you're doing some deep penetration, the condom could fall off. other than that, no worry

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    bring always your our condom it is the best way to be sure you can have any future problem.

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    You get my thinking if your penis is 7 inch and the condom covers only 5 inches,then the last 2 inches of skin at the base has no protection at all.Also if your erect and standing the juices flow downwards towards the base.Is the skin near the base thicker and therefore less prone to an infection?

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    Lily from Montreal
    I prefer my friends to use mine as I know I use the best quality and I always carry 2 sizes, regular and XL.
    I do not mind if you use yours if you are very small and risk losing the regular size , or if you are very (very) big and XL doesn't fit but otherwise mine are safer , of course my clientele of choice is not the type to temper or use cheap condoms but I rather not take chances, it is my health at risk here...

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    This is NOT the moderator talking.

    In the type of society we live in, with plenty of psychos around, the SP should always ensure the customer-provided condom has not been tampered with.
    Of course, it's valid the other way around also.
    In my mind, the risk of contamination to the SP because of a tampered condom is higher than the risk to the customer since, by design, the condom's content will be "pressurized" and fluids will more likely leak out than leak in.

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    @2tuff2quit, it's not because the skin is thicker, it's because there's no opening like at the head of the penis. you only really have to worry about the head and the foreskin part (if you still have your foreskin) because that's where bacteria will be and that's mostly where the infection(s) will happen. unless you have a fresh cut at the base of the penis then, you'd need to be fully covered

    as long as the condom fits and stays on, you're fine

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    I'm with themonk83 on this one. I'd say in theory it would be better to be fully covered but to say you need to be fully covered and talking about certain positions and the flow of fluids, then if you were on your back you would need not only your entire penis but the base of your penis covered as well to be protected. In terms of viral transmission, it would not be able to get through the skin and that's why women are more susceptible to transmission because there can be small cuts in the vaginal wall during intercourse whereas a male only has the opening of the penis for a virus (or bacteria) to enter into the body. There's a difference between exposing the surface of your skin to bacteria and actually have it enter your body. If it is on the outside you'd get at the most a skin infection, it wouldn't result in puss oozing out of your penis, as I understand happens when you have gonorrhea. However, I think you may be susceptible to herpes transmission though as it might be able to make it through the skin and that's why it comes back at the same place where the infection occurred during outbreaks.

    I'm not a medical professional, this is just my opinion based on the understanding of things I've read so take it at face value. It is also not based on any kind of personal experience.

    Also, I don't think what Mod 11 says makes any sense. I think he's describing specifically when a guy ejaculates if the condom had been compromised because I can't think of any points where the condom would be "pressurized".

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    This is NOT the moderator talking.

    MtlNewbie, I'm thinking about the "ejaculation period", you're correct.

    At that point, if there's a hole in the condom, no matter where the hole is, the girl is very likely to get a leak inside her and that leak will be bigger than what the guy might be exposed to with fluids leaking in the condom from the girl.

    During normal intercourse, if there is a hole in the side of the condom, away from the tip, the risk to the guy isn't that high because the tip of the penis is covered. For contamination, the viruses need access to an area of thin, moist skin. (for most dangerous STI, not talking about skin infections.)
    Of course, it's assuming the condom doesn't completely break and the hole doesn't get bigger.

    The condom might break, of course. This will make the risk equally dangerous for both.
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    Lily from Montreal
    If the skin at the base of the penis is a risk zone then the skin next to it is, then next to it, with a reasoning like this you will end with the condom scene from the movie with Nielson, what is it? Airplane?
    Or maybe some are just not made to have sex with someone else then their wife and can not handle the risk of the hobby...we all do our best to be safe but as in any thing in life you have to weight the pro and cons of any action and decide if you can handle the possible outcome...

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    LilyForYou that scene would be from Naked Gun where they are wearing full body condoms to be extra safe....
    "Just When I Thought I Was Out.....They Pull Me Back In!!!"

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    almost always use my own condoms, fresh Trojan Magnums.
    I always put them on and take them off.
    have never had a sp object to this but if she insisted on using her condoms I would not object unless it was too tight.

    your balls rubbing against a nasty crotch or butt hole area is of more concern to me.
    try to always shower and disinfect as soon as reasonabley possible afterwards.
    if the base of your shlong has any kind of nick or tiny cut, then you should wear the wilt chamberlain condoms.

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    Lily from Montreal
    If you have a cut there you should not meet at all...I rather you cancel on me if you cut yourself when prepping up then meet you...there is always another time...

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    Quote Originally Posted by 2tuff2quit View Post
    Hey guys I have a question. If it does not cover all the penis is there danger of transmission at the base of the penis.
    Hello 2tuff,

    Point of fact. Keeping in mind the good sense of asking the right questions, especially being a hobbyist, I asked my doctor a number of years ago about this as a precaution, though clean myself.

    First, condoms are not foolproof. They offer great protection, but not 100%.

    Second, an infectious disease coming in contact with any part of the skin anywhere can be transmitted depending on the peculiarities of the disease and skin condition where contact is made, especially if there is any flaw like a nick, scratch, scrape, scuffing, etc. Sorry this is second-hand information.

    It only makes sense that if you are using a condom, in part to prevent a disease even if the skin surface is in perfect condition, you would never be safe beyond problems if contact is made where there is no coverage. Who of us is always so rational during sex not to go beyond the cover's rim or make sure she doesn't. Don't we love it when hard on the go and her juices flow.

    Quote Originally Posted by LilyForYou View Post
    Or maybe some are just not made to have sex with someone else then their wife and can not handle the risk of the hobby...
    Well, we should all be aware that condoms decrease transmission odds a lot, but they aren't fail-safe.

    Quote Originally Posted by LilyForYou View Post
    I prefer my friends to use mine as I know I use the best quality and I always carry 2 sizes, regular and XL.
    I've never asked but always wondered how the lady sizes one up for a condom. Being a normal size unit guy standing 5'10" at near 170 lbs , many ladies have put on condoms that are often very tight, hard to roll down, and almost never roll down fully. Sometimes they are the devil to get off and a few times they have slipped off during sex forcing an instant stop and refit. Maybe it would be better if the guys brought what we knew worked since we are the ones who know best how our own penis is tailored. Or are you like Vesper Lynd who could size up Bond at a glance.

    Cheers dearest,


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