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Thread: How come ?

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    How come ?

    How come some members have a thumbnail picture next to their name and they have a custom phase instead of just registered user ?

    I tried looking around but didn't find any settings to modify that

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    Lily from Montreal
    This site makes me thing impure thoughts loll, when I read the title of the thread I assume you meant ''come'' in a very different way loll but thank you , me too I didn't knew how to change the caption...

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    Reverdy is correct.

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    You have a dirty mind ! LOL
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    Lily from Montreal
    Hum, I rather like to see it as fun oriented loll, pure is boring...

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    Original Dude
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    I guess avatar are activated for agencies and advertiser mostly because there are... advertiser, people need to identify them quickly and such, wich is something i understand. But i always tough it was a bit generic to have only a name. At least a littl 120 x 120 avatar would be cool. But im glad there is no "over the top" signature like some forums where one member postcan pretty much cover the whole page because he got 2x 400 x 700 signature picture... lol
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