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Thread: Logic in Hygiene and/or Price???

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    Question Logic in Hygiene and/or Price???

    I saw someone the other day... Very interesting.

    Had a smooth tight body, she was young (like 19-20), tight and had a nice ass. She offered services with prices; 100$ for rush bang and 120$ for sensual. Obviously I took the sensual. Gave me also access to extras like "pecks"(???), caress, DIGITS and DATY. But CBJ in all options.

    What I found a bit strange is I was able to DATY, DATO, DIGITS (with slight assplay), but as I soon found out - no FK??? Strictly pecks, mouth closed. That is not for personal reasons but for hygiene and be safe (disease wise), where is the logic in that? Whatever is transmitted by kissing could be transmitted by eating a girl out! Surely, this is deliberate or the girl doesn't understand the repercussions of being in this line of work,... right?

    What's even funnier, is she's not the only one this has happened with over the years...

    What do you guys think?


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    Remember the movie "Pretty Woman", where she claims "I don't kiss, it's too personal"... I think it's all about it, more psychological than physiological.
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    She don't kiss because its personal I think.She wants the kissing for her bf,husband,pimp.Yet she'll suck you.Doesnt make sense at all oh well nowadays alot of things don't

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    You miss the point. She said she doesn't do it because of hygene and to be safe. I asked if it was about a BF or personal reasons. She said no.


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    entirely possible that she had something in her mouth. also explains why she insisted on CBJ. My guess is she had some disease in her mouth - some outbreak may be - and didn't want to transmit to you. I would get checked just to be safe.

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    Or maybe she has some sores in her mouth and didn't want to be contaminated by a client. For me, it would make sense. Maybe she just got dental work or surgery, maybe... etc...
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    Sometimes if a girl refuse a certain service there's probably a good reason for it.

    If she's on her period and you insist on daty then I hope you have some scope to get the bad taste out of your mouth!!!

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