Montreal XxXtase & Delight Escorts MERB 2012 GFE agency of the year winner

Thursday @ Montrealxxxtase

Gorgeous NEW Roxy 4hpm

What more can I say Guys. Another Hot New Sp in the Team
5ft3 110 lbs With Gorgeous C natural & A1 Attitude
Feedback are already great!!

Mandy NEW 4hpm WOW

first step in the buisness for beautiful Mandy

Very Sexy easy going 20 year old Blondie
A1 attitude gents. Only positive feedback
Be nice with her gents. Shes a real sweetheart

Juliette NEW 6hpm

18 years old Brunette with gorgeous legs and round ass
5 feet and 10 inches 130lbs Sweet personality

Great Open Minded GFE Service, A1 Attitude, CIMSW and Greek is Extra
Feedback are great take a look!!!


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