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Thread: Cole traded for Ryder and a 3rd round choice in 2013

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    Cole traded for Ryder and a 3rd round choice in 2013

    What do you guys think of the deal the Habs made last night?

    Cole has 2 years left on his contract and only has 6 pts in 19 games BUT he also did say he was going to retire at the end of this year because he was not satisfied with the agreement the owners and the NHLPA came to.

    Ryder has 16 pts and is Dallas leading scorer and a free agent at the end of the year. We also receive the Stars 3rd round choice in the upcoming draft.

    Time will tell who made the best deal. Was it Bergevin or Nieuwendyk.

    I'm happy to see Ryder back.
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    It's the 'win win' deal for both team since both organization wanted this.
    These guys are all 'buddies' and they knew it was something good for both team.

    So no matter who perform better or not, it's the total picture that counts for both.

    Last year organization sucked big time.
    So it's just a matter of having a GM and a coach doing their job properly and we should make the playoffs.

    Other than that anyway, Habs have done way better than all those bs experts said they would !

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    Hard to say if it was a good deal for the habs. Cole was possibly their best player last season & was looked upon for his leadership.

    This season, he's off to slow start, but the same could be said about half of the better players in the league.

    I don't buy for a second his threats to retire after this season because he's unhappy with the deal the players made with the owners. Rarely do players leave that much money on the table, unless they're as nuts as Tim Thomas, who's allegedly living in some underground bunker in Colorado according to the rumor mill.

    Ryder is currently on an expiring contract & if the habs like what they see, they'll likely be able to sign him cheap. Just a couple of years ago, any team in the league could sign him for a bargain.

    Ryder is a happy-go-lucky type of guy whom i actually like as a person. The man loves to party! He was a party animal when he played in Montreal and a familiar face on the local bar scene. However, his partying ways might have led to his decrease in scoring after his rookie season and is indifference on the ice (along with is poor points production) led to him being booed out of Montreal.

    Claude Julien saved his career in Boston, and he's been decently productive since. He had been playing well in Dallas, but Dallas plays a different system than Montreal's. Which Michael Ryder will we see in Montreal? Has he changed his ways?

    My guess is that he's very happy to be back in Montreal with his buddies Josh Jorges & Carey Price. He'll likely play his butt off in order to get a contract offer & hopefully remain in Montreal for the next couple of years.

    Who won the trade? It's like a wash. Montreal got rid of a disgruntled player who couldn't stand his coach (and vice-versa), and got a player who currently produces more & will be happy to be back in Montreal. Ryder will be extremely popular with his teammates and even if he doesn't produce in Mtl, the habs had nothing to lose since Cole wasn't producing anyway.

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    If you took both players on their best day Cole would be better and more complete as a player.

    The problem is that Cole's best day is behind him - both physically and mentally. Right now Ryder is better.

    Montreal won this trade - on the ice, in the dressing room, and on the financial sheets.

    Certainly not a blockbuster deal but a quiet improvement by Montreal's GM, who has already shown better stuff than the two failures who preceded him.

    As long as Ryder keeps his nose clean it should work out okay for him and the Habs - and it should be easier for him to behave now than before: first, he's older and a little more grown up, and second one VERY bad influence is no longer on the team to lead poor little Michael astray.

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    An excellent move by Bergevin with little downside. If Ryder doesn't resign, the deal will free up $4.5M in cap space in each of the next two seasons.
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    depends tho, as Cole is a better player, even tho the stats dont show that quite yet this season. Cole scored for the Stars tonight btw.

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    Habs have made it no secret that Michael Ryder will definitely not return with the team next season.

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