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Thread: SP's who give the best service???

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    Question SP's who give the best service???

    I would like to hear peoples oppinions on which SPs give the best GFE service. It is not really about look but at the same time it has to be a pretty girl
    So basically out of the montreal escort agencies which girl giv a really good service. I have a few girl that I see regularly in a few fifferent agencies but the last 2 month I decided to try some of the new debutante girl of 2013 and I gotta say i havent been very satisfied with the sex. They are all beautiful but is it just me or was the service alot better a fears ago?

    Daryn and Summer at elleganza give a really good service. At montrealsexcity Candy, Hilary, and Vivienne are great! Sabrina at exxxceptional is pretty good too.
    But I would really like to get some suggestions and oppinions on best service SPs in mtl

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    Hello Lafayette...

    First I would suggest you look into the following thread :

    Also, I might not have a whole lot of reviews registered on the site but I have been a long time hobbyist and lurker and if I may suggest a bit of wisdom...
    I don`t think there is such a thing as the ultimate SP with the best service. I had experiences with SP`s that had been raved about here and left with a lukewarm feeling... I also experienced with other SP`s that got mostly bad reviews and had such a blast that I became a raving fan...

    Although we might not be able to admit it, I believe chemistry has a lot to do with your overall experience and getting the other hobbyist opinion will only bring you to a certain point.
    I do have to agree that some SP`s really do have a tendency to provide a better overall experience... But in the end... It is always a YMMV thing and your `ultimate SP` might differ from mine or anyone else... I just think you will really have a hard time to get a unique choice that will fit the bill for everyone..

    Just my two cents...


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    thanks quietguy i have checked that thread however do not completely agree with the results like you said though chemistry during the session has a large part in how good the service will be. My birthday is coming up soon and i am thinking of treating myself to a duo but i just cant decide on which 2 girls! I am thinking of Candy and Vivienne from msc. I have a feeling they would be a wild team together and english being their first language is a plus for me. Have also had my eye on zoey from mtlgfe but wanted to see a few reviews first. Montreal has so many beautiful ladies i can not wait to retire here would love to hear some suggestions for duos

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    Hello Again,

    Perhaps you should have a look to this then :

    Good luck with your quest

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    There's a MERB rule that prohibit starting threads on something already discussed. I'm certain Lafayette is probably aware of it, since we can be assured he took 5 minutes to read the rules...

    Montreal Escort Review Board is oddly full of reviews, where people can find providers who can fulfill their requirements. Because of this, opening threads to ask such questions is certainly asking about something already discussed...

    Thread closed.

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